Saturday, November 26, 2022

Likes Latham for LISD

I want to encourage everyone to vote this coming Saturday and I especially encourage you to vote for Brenda Latham, Place 5.  Why?

She is the best candidate in that field because she is high energy, high moral character, and high intelligence.  She puts in the time to do the research so she understands the facts, not just what she is told.  When she can’t find the facts, she questions again and continues to dig until she understands every aspect of the situation.  Then and only then does she make a decision.

She is honest to her core with a strong work ethic.  Along with her husband, they have managed to not only run a successful business, they took it three levels higher after they purchased it.  Though we are in tough economic times, they’ve not laid off one employee or caused anyone’s family to suffer because they’ve managed their money and taken care of business.

She is no one’s rubber stamp.  She thinks for herself and she questions whatever she doesn’t understand.  She is always looking for options on any given situation.  That’s just one of the reasons she is successful in her job and with their business.

MOST IMPORTANT though is her desire to return  LISD to the Tradition of Excellence.  The tradition of valuing the teacher for their importance, listening to them and hearing them.  Valuing the parents for their part in the education process and encouraging their involvement, listening to their concerns about their neighborhood.  Valuing the children and ensuring that every effort is made to educate them in a safe environment where learning is an adventure and they want to participate.  Bringing transparency back to LISD so everyone across the district can once again enjoy the Tradition of Excellence.

Jean Campbell
Flower Mound, TX

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