Friday, December 2, 2022

Town Should Heed Wake Up Call

It is time to clear the air of all the “toxic pollution” the anti-drilling crowd has brought into town. It is fascinating how many environmental, town charter and legal experts are here in Flower Mound.

The IQ of our town must have grown exponentially in the last six months.  The internet has made everyone an expert overnight. Even Alisa Rich from Wolf Eagle Environmental has possibly fabricated a PhD out of this gas well mess. (She confessed that she doesn’t have a PhD at a Ft. Worth meeting last month, after months of parading her credentials in front of anyone who will listen to her spin.)

These Internet geniuses need some real facts:

Mayor Smith has been active in Town government for nearly 20 years, even after the tragic death of her daughter after a Town-sponsored event. How many of you would have such tenacity for this Town after a family tragedy?

She and her husband have contributed hundreds of thousands of dollars to countless number of charities in the area, including the Library, Chamber of Commerce, The Cross Timbers YMCA, The Children’s Advocacy Center, CCA and many more. Even the FMHS Drumline received a $500 donation from Jody Smith at their Sonic fundraiser last summer. She has been known to give $100 donations to Boy Scout car washes and many other activities. How many of you have put this amount of your money out to support this community?  Does this sound like a selfish, money hungry, power-hungry politician that would sell-out her Town for gas royalties? Not to most intelligent people….

Would Jody Smith or any other council member who has families and kids in this Town knowingly jeopardize our environment, property values, good name or quality of life for gas royalties? Come on, really?

Do these “intelligent” people in Flower Mound really believe that any elected official in this Town would subject themselves or their families to countless hours at Town activities and all this mudslinging if they didn’t truly LOVE this Town? Come on, WAKE UP!!!

When will Flower Mound’s single-issue zealots WAKE UP?

Maybe they’ll wake up when our property taxes go up because of our limited tax base. Maybe when our property taxes go up to protect our Exemplary schools from an $18MM budget deficit!

Maybe they will wake up when commercial and residential developers look elsewhere to invest in projects because we have a Town Council member that votes down projects with no explanation, further limiting our tax base and driving up residential property taxes.
Maybe they’ll wake up when they have to continue driving to Lewisville or Highland Village or continue to battle traffic on FM 407 for soccer games. All because of fabricated, cloak and dagger scenarios to short circuit a logical, “good idea” land swap. A swap that would give us additional soccer fields, better parking and a highly valuable retail corner to drive increased property and sales taxes into Town coffers.  The same Town coffers that would receive natural gas royalties from the mineral rights the Town retained under the current soccer fields, if a well is drilled on the property to the north.

Maybe they’ll wake up when the Town has to cut its department budgets to pay the legal bills from frivolous lawsuits. We have already lost $30K+ in legal costs trying to keep a pipeline out of a 30 ft strip of Town land that ALREADY HAS A PIPELINE IN IT! That is after we lost $69K in income we could have had from selling the right of way for the second pipeline.

Maybe they’ll wake up when FM 2499 becomes a TOLLWAY as one mayoral candidate suggested at the Bridlewood candidates meeting.

Maybe these Internet “experts” won’t wake up at all…maybe they’ll be like Rip Van Winkle who stayed asleep for 20 years. When he woke up he didn’t recognize his surroundings. That’s what will happen to Flower Mound if NFL gets elected. This Town will get left behind….for maybe 20 years. Will any of us recognize it??? Only time will tell.

Be truly intelligent: Vote for Smith, Webb and Robinson.

David Johnson
Flower Mound, TX

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