Sunday, October 2, 2022

Cans You Help?

We have had a very cool spring, however hot weather is just around the corner.  That makes for drinking lots of cold drinks and a few beers.  So please do not throw the cans into the trash, give me a call at 817-430-4922 or email me at [email protected]  and let me pick them up.  If you don’t mind, you could also deliver them to 45 Kings Rd. here in Double Oak and drop them off on my patio.  So many of you are aware what I do with these cans.  They are crushed and sold and the money goes to the DOVFD.  The tabs I pull and sell and that money goes to the Galveston Shrine Burn Center. I really appreciate those who have been faithful for many years bringing me the cans, I know it is easier to just toss them; however, it also helps our environment.  Thank you all for your participation!

Freda Brittain
Double Oak, TX

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