Saturday, September 24, 2022

Lantana board members worthy of second term

The Denton County Fresh Water District #6 Board is the closest governing body we have to a city council.  Two years ago we were successful in voting only residents of Lantana to the Board, thus removing Dallas businessmen and non-residents and placing the Board under local Lantana control. 

Rose and I would like to ask for your help again.  Since this election is off the normal voting cycle, participation is likely to be very low.  Notwithstanding, it is important that we continue to ensure that Lantana is represented by Lantana residents and that we support the proven leadership of two board members that are up for reelection:  Donna Robichaux and Max Miller.

Donna and Max have not led from a radical personal agenda.  They have listened to our issues, educated themselves with the facts, and made responsible decisions based on what is good for Lantana residents.  They have been consensus builders with their fellow board members and the County Commissioners. 

1.  During their tenure they have helped to make our community safer:  installation of school zones and working with the Sherriff to have more effective patrolling of the neighborhoods. 

2.  They have acted to ensure more responsible money management: reducing the bond debt significantly above the projected pay off by $6 million and taking the water billing in-house which saves us over $500,000 annually.

3.  Additionally, they have, through effective communication, improved the working relationships between both Lantana Water Boards, Denton County Commissioners, and the residents.

4.  Donna and Max are givers.  They have given of their time, their talent, and their personal resources to help make Lantana a better community for all of us.

Rose & I ask that you take a few moments to vote for these two servants:  Donna Robichaux and Max Miller.

Early Voting runs  from April 26 through May 4. Election Day is May 8 at Double Oak Town Hall, 320 Waketon, Double Oak, TX 75077.

Rose and Bob Baird
Lantana, TX

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