Monday, October 3, 2022

It's time for the community to be heard

Lewisville ISD is a great school district, but I believe our board of trustees has gotten off track. The board is elected to serve the needs of the stakeholders (the taxpayers, students, teachers, etc).  In every major decision made, it is important that the board understands and represent the wishes and the best interests of the people of the district.  I believe the board has gotten away from listening to the people and are making decisions without adequately doing their homework.

Concerns and Issues:

– The decision has been made not to do an independent outside search for the next Superintendent.  They have decided instead, to allow the present Superintendent to take applications, screen these applicants and decide who gets to interview with the board.

– Approximately 100 million dollars will be spent on an experiment, splitting LHS into 3 separate campuses.  A decision the Lewisville community and the high school staff are staunchly against and had no part of.  (Supposedly LISD had a committee formed to decide whether this split would benefit LHS.  NO ONE from the Lewisville community or Lewisville High School was involved in the committee or had any say in the decision.) This project was not included in any bond election and we are told that the 100 million dollars will come from savings realized on other approved bond projects.  (If we have a 100 million dollar savings, would it not be more prudent to simply not spend the monies and help keep taxes down.)  If this experiment does not work, it will cost an additional estimated 50 million dollars to correct the mistake.

 – Millions of dollars in bond monies have been spent on pet projects. These projects were not part of the bond package voted on by taxpayers and not requested by LISD administration.

 –  Five new high school field houses, at prices up to five million dollars each, are being built.  These cinderblock buildings with concrete floors are costing us up to an outrageous $295 per square foot.  A price that is over twice as expensive per square foot as some of the nicest homes in the area.

 – The board allowed the Deputy Superintendent to hire a personal friend and buddy, from Baytown, TX, as the head football coach at LHS.  This high profile position is supposed to be hired by a joint decision of the LISD athletic director and the school’s head principal, with concurrence from the board.  The board knew that the AD and the Head Principal had no say in the decision.  The board knew that the man being hired had a mediocre record at best and was reaching retirement age.  And with the Football Booster Club strongly voicing their opposition at the school board meeting, still they voted unanimously to uphold the decision.

This district belongs to you, the stakeholder, and not to the board of trustees or the central office administration.  In every decision made, the stake holders should have a say.  If we are discussing rezoning, those people affected should be able to participate in the decision.  If we are planning 9th/10th grade campuses, the people affected should be in on the planning.  I think it is time to get LISD back on track.  I think it is time for the community to be heard.

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