Sunday, October 2, 2022

FM Case Shows Double Standard of Sexual Harassment

In Jacquielynn Floyd’s April 20, 2010 DMN article, “The pinch heard ’round Flower Mound the least of city’s worries” stipulates the real reason for the media attention surrounding Mayor Jody Smith and Mayor Pro tem Jean Levenick inappropriately touching a police officer is the issue of gas drilling. Gas drilling?

Two publicly elected officials inappropriately touched a uniformed police officer during a council session in the town hall. From the tape it is apparent these elected officials pre-planned their “attack.” I’m sure they thought it was cute.

The Mayor’s responce via the news networks was to throw the Chief of Police under the bus by publically proclaiming him as a disgruntled employee.

The Chief of Police’s duty is to uphold the law and reporting the incident was absolutely the right action.

This case is a clear example of the double standard of sexual harassment. It is disconcerning how the media spins and trivializes such a serious case. 

Shirley J. Brott
Flower Mound, TX

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