Monday, October 3, 2022

Concerned about letter disparaging candidate

I feel the upcoming election in Flower Mound for mayor and town council is very important.  I am concerned about the direction our town is taking and I’m even more concerned since I received a disgusting letter which I believe to be slanderous about Al Filidoro.  Several of my neighbors also received it.  This is the kind of thing that divides a community.

At the end of this vile letter it states:  “Not approved, paid for or endorsed by any of the candidates listed on this letter” and the candidates listed were Jody Smith, Gerald Robinson and Bryan Webb.  If these candidates have seen this letter with their names on it, they should be as disgusted as I am and denounce whoever did this.  The letter also mentions “Chicago Style politicking individuals” on our town council.  Really?  I think this letter reeks of Chicago Style politics!  It is down and dirty and has no place in this election.  Whoever put this out there should be ashamed of themselves.  Let’s stick to the issues in this election and stop maligning candidates.
Cathy Pendola
Flower Mound, TX

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