Saturday, September 24, 2022

Ramirez unequivocally supports conservative values

For Texans concerned that the next Denton County Probate Judge unequivocally supports conservative values, Robert Ramirez is the only choice.

Probate court deals with guardianship, eldercare and other issues that require both moral clarity and understanding to properly administer the law. We must have someone on the bench that understands that all people, including our most vulnerable citizens, deserve to have their rights protected and value each human life.

Robert Ramirez is a committed Southern Baptist. In protecting the weakest among us, both personally and as expressed by his faith, Robert does not equivocate. The 2005 Southern Baptist resolution on the sanctity of life says, in part, “.. every embryo, without exception deserves the right to be born”

Conversely, Ms. Robinson is a Presbyterian. Their 217th General Assembly of 2006 says, in part, “…. Humans are empowered by the spirit prayerfully to make significant moral choices, including the choice to continue or end a pregnancy…“

Their attitudes towards the most vulnerable among us could not be starker.

In addition to an unremitting commitment to do what’s right for the people he serves, Robert Ramirez is also endorsed by conservatives Texans have trusted for years, including Mary Horn, Jim Horn and the Republican assembly.

I too personally endorse and support the candidacy of Robert Ramirez for Denton County Probate Court Judge.

I ask that you support him too.

Dave Zenker
Flower Mound, TX

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