Sunday, December 4, 2022

Had enough of councilmembers' fear campaign

Open Letter to the Residents of Flower Mound:

I read the March 17, 2010 open letter from Mr. Filidoro and Mr. Hayden titled “Enough is Enough.”   If there is one thing we can agree on it’s that enough IS enough.  Enough of the political grandstanding, manipulation, misinformation, intimidation and, enough of the scare tactics.  Frankly, the divisive and accusatory tone coming from them is harming our town and pitting neighbor against neighbor without reason.

That is why I am writing in response to the politically motivated fear campaign that is currently being waged by Council Members Filidoro and Hayden.

In their joint letter, Filidoro and Hayden reference the “proliferation of gas wells and their industrial complexes.”  They write about an “onslaught of applications” and claim that “while the town has been debating a moratorium, drilling applicants have been accelerating their submissions ahead of any changes that might occur.”  It sounds ominous doesn’t it? There is just one problem with their comments—they are not true.  The truth is that the town has not seen an increase in applications since the moratorium has been discussed.  In fact, the last time a new gas application was filed was December 7, 2009, ten days before the vote on the moratorium.  Since the initial vote and the ensuing conversations about a moratorium the Town has not received even one new gas application. 

As for the “industrial complexes” and the “agenda to create an industrialized community in Flower Mound,” no gas company has proposed the installation of any equipment not already found in town and not already addressed in our ordinances.  To indicate otherwise is just irresponsible.

At the December 17, 2009 town council meeting, Mr. Hayden and Mr. Filidoro demanded a moratorium but conceded that a moratorium would not be needed if the TCEQ’s air quality report concluding Flower Mound’s air quality was safe.  Now that the TCEQ and the Town’s independent third-party environmental firm have both determined that the air quality in Flower Mound poses no serious threat of health risk whatsoever, they are still calling for a moratorium.   

I have been mischaracterized as being beholden to special interests, which couldn’t be farther from the truth.  I have two children and would never do anything to jeopardize their health and safety or any of the residents of this community.  That said, I do respect the concerns of residents over the issue of urban drilling and urge all gas companies to refrain from requesting variances to setbacks from homes and public buildings.   Further I encourage gas companies to inform our community of their intent to develop gas wells and facilities in our community.  Residents deserve to know their plans.

When residents go to the polls in May, I hope they will see beyond the propaganda and pandering.  Vote for candidates based on the facts—not fear.  Flower Mound deserves no less.

Jean Levenick
Mayor Pro Tem, Town of Flower Mound

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