Friday, December 2, 2022

Likes Ramirez for Probate Judge

I believe Robert Ramirez is our superior choice for Denton County Probate Court Judge.  I’ve known Robert personally for many years and when I’m asked why Robert is the best candidate I narrow it down to 3 primary reasons. First, Robert’s experience with the probate court is unsurpassed when compared to his two opponents.  As an attorney, he has presented several hundred cases before the probate court.  In addition to a law degree from SMU’s School of Law, Robert earned an MBA from Texas A&M.  I believe the MBA gives Robert added expertise not only in accounting, but also finance, management, and leadership.  Second, Robert is a regular guy who happens to have the knowledge and skill set to be a great judge.  He could easily be your next door neighbor.  Before the campaign began, you could find Robert during the week at his law firm in Lake Dallas.  On Saturdays you might find Robert mowing his lawn or playing with his kids.  On Sunday mornings Robert can always be found at church where he is a dedicated deacon and servant.  Third, Robert is a servant with a true servant’s heart.  While many attorneys practice law solely for money, Robert practices law to help people.  He has chosen to do this by dedicating his law practice primarily to guardianship & probate cases.  For these reasons, and many others not mentioned, I unequivocally endorse Robert Ramirez to be our next Denton County Probate Court Judge. 

Chris Murray
Flower Mound, TX

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