Friday, December 2, 2022

Robison right person for Probate Judge

We do not usually publically support a candidate running for office, but as we have had positive personal experiences with Bonnie Robison, who is running for Denton County’s next Probate Court Judge, we felt we needed to speak up about her qualifications, experience and integrity. When dad died, we were referred to Bonnie Robison to help us through the legal matters.  She handled everything in an orderly, efficient manner.  This fine lawyer was a life saver and she really knows the law. Bonnie Robison will be fair, compassionate and she is very experienced in Probate law – she’s been doing this for 20 years!  Bonnie Robison is the only choice for this office in our opinion. Her ethics are impeccable and we know that she will do a very good job.  We are proud to know her.

Elma and Bruce Walker
Robson Ranch, TX

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