Saturday, November 26, 2022

Vote for experienced Judge

Judge Jake Collier faces two opponents in the upcoming Republican primary.  Judge Collier has been the judge of the 158th District Court of Denton County for over seven years.  Neither of his opponents seems to have any judicial experience.  Judge Collier was licensed in 1968 and has been Board Certified since 1989; Mr. Burgess and Mr. Moraine were licensed in 1995 and 1996 respectively, and neither is Board Certified.  Judge Collier is proud of having served our country in the United States Marine Corps; neither of the other gentlemen lists military service on his website.  One of his opponents (Mr. Burgess) has even stated he would, if elected, model his conduct on Judge Collier’s.  Flattering as such imitation might be, why elect an imitation if you can keep the original.  Finally, I think that Republican voters should consider what sort of message subjecting a Republican incumbent judge to this sort of primary fight sends, and vote in the Republican primary to reelect Judge Jake Collier.
Charles E. Beachley III
Lewisville, TX

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