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Aging in Style with Lori Williams: Mother’s Day gifts of love for moms with dementia

Selecting a Mother’s Day gift for a mom with dementia requires a thoughtful approach, and a focus on creating an emotional connection. Following are several ideas to choose from.

Sensory Gifts that engage the senses, such as fidget blankets, scented lotions, or a soft blanket.

Photo Album or Digital Frame create a photo album of family members and memories of celebrations, or add the photos to a digital frame that continuously rotates through the pictures.

Nature Inspired Gifts can create a sense of calm and connection to nature – a bird feeder placed outside a window is a great idea.

Simple Crafts & Activities, such as adult coloring books, puzzle sets or even a craft that you can do as family.

Customized Music Playlist of her favorite songs from her youth. Music is very powerful and can evoke joyful emotions and memories.

Dementia Therapy Dolls can provide purpose, peace and comfort. Visit to learn more about this incredible program, and to order a doll.

Time Together is the most precious gift we can give. Spend quality time engaging in an activity she enjoys, this could be going for a walk together, baking cookies or simply sitting together reminiscing.

Whatever gift you choose, remember to focus on meaningful moments of connection …and be sure to take pictures with your mom!

Lori Williams is a Flower Mound resident and Certified Senior Advisor (CSA) & Certified Dementia Practitioner (CDP) with over 17 years of senior living experience. She is an award-winning business owner, 5x voted “Best of Denton County” for Senior Placement Services, and the host of the podcast, Aging in Style. Learn more by visiting her website, To contact Lori, call 214-783-1222 or email [email protected].

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