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Robson Ranch Rambler — June 2023

It’s a good thing that many of us are retired at Robson Ranch. It can be a full-time job keeping our lawns and gardens looking as lush in June as they now look in May. As spring morphs into summer, we clean up beds, plant annuals, and turn on our sprinkler systems. The best part is to sit on our patios, walk by the common areas and get out on our golf courses and enjoy these areas at the height of their beauty.

The expansive green spaces at Robson Ranch gave many of us that WOW factor when we first drove over the bridge onto the property. While the sales office is instrumental in new home growth on the Ranch, their prospective buyers are already appreciative before they hit the parking lot at the model homes. I have lived here 10 years and it still takes my breath away to walk by an emerald green field or golf fairway on Ed Robson Boulevard or Michelle Way. We have over 180 acres of common area and 250 acres over our 27 holes of golf. This acreage does not maintain itself! Robson Ranch is fortunate to have a full-time agronomist and over 40 employees to keep our grounds pristine.

Of course, homeowners are equally committed to perfect lawns and gardens at their residences. Monthly, there are bragging rights for the “Yard of the Month.” Homes are chosen for their trees, flower and shrub displays that showcase variety, textural interest and color. The selection process is understandably difficult as many Robson Ranch residents are passionate gardeners. We can always use a few pointers to enhance our gardens. The Women’s Club June Luncheon Guest Speaker is a Denton County Master Gardener, who will share her depth of knowledge and advice concerning native plants and landscaping while imparting the importance of pollinators and native wildlife.

It’s not all about trees, shrubs and flowers. At Robson Ranch we have a Community Garden that offers raised beds measuring 4ft. by 8ft. for the vegetable growers on the Ranch. The gardens were started about 16 years ago with a few raised beds and have grown to 178 raised beds today. Gardeners plant for spring and fall. Naturally, vine-ripened tomatoes are the most popular. Peppers, onions, zucchini and cantaloupes grown vertically are widespread. One couple plants Thai herbs and vegetables and others plant variations of red and burgundy lettuces that are just not found in the grocery store. It is truly a Community Garden. Signs abound on gardens to “please water while I’m away.” Friendly neighbors comply.

There is something joyful about going to the garden every few days to see what Mother Earth has been up to. Here’s hoping you get out there and enjoy it, too.

CTG Staff
CTG Staff
The Cross Timbers Gazette News Department

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