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Something to Muench on: My less than formal life

I work from home. I know a lot of other people do now as well. All of my meetings are on Zoom, or I’m sitting at my desk and pecking away at my keyboard. I coach moms which means I show up on camera in yoga pants and a nice t-shirt and it’s welcome and relatable.

Life in general has become pretty casual in the past few years. Wouldn’t you agree? Even when I go out to a nicer restaurant I feel comfortable putting on a maxi dress with flats or don a pair of jeans with a sweater…add some silver hoops and some cute boots and I’m good to go feeling appropriately dressed. It seems the only time formalwear is really required is at a wedding, a funeral, or the formal night on a cruise ship. Even then the dress code can be pretty loose.

The other day I had the opportunity to get all dolled up and go to a gala. Right here in Flower Mound! I’m one of about 4,000 women who are members of the Flower Mound Women In Business Networking Group (FMWIB). It was founded in 2015 by local real estate mogul Christi Beca, this woman’s group is growing in membership and their mission to serve and empower women in the community.

I’m not going to lie, I’m cheap. I like to look decent on a dime, literally. I found the most beautiful full-length navy beaded gown on Amazon for $40! I was super jazzed it looked quality enough for the night and I didn’t have to break the bank (at all). I added some 3” sandals and fancy silver jewelry and I’ve got to say I really enjoyed being dressed up, at least for four hours. However, I was just as excited to jump into my pajamas by 10:30 p.m., lol.

In my text to my husband (who did not attend) at 9:30 p.m. I said, “I’m done peopling.” All the alone time since 2020 has exacerbated my introversion. I love hanging out with people, until I don’t. I’m the kind of person who hits the wall and knows it’s time to make my exit.

The event was the first of its kind for this group and it was hosted at the local venue on Corporate Drive called Aristide. It was a lovely space! The beneficiary of the live and silent auction was a wonderful nonprofit located in Denton called Arms of Hope. Their mission is to transform the lives of disadvantaged children, youth and families by providing hope and support in a nurturing, Christian environment.

Dinner, a chicken dish, was great and the musician played music that invited all to the dance floor. I have to admit after the past few years of few big events, it kind of felt normal…however, I have to add I don’t know how socialites do it. Attending galas or formal dinners is not something I could do every weekend. I’m more of a let’s have a glass of wine on the patio and catch up kind of gal.

Has your life become more relaxed and casual since March of 2020? Or has your daily routine become hectic and stressed again? I like to think I have made conscious changes and prioritized my connection to myself and to others over the constant drain of being busy to going places just for the sake of saying I attended. I want to be intentional with my time, my relationships, and my commitments.

Kimberly Muench
Kimberly Muench
Kim Muench is a Flower Mound mother of five kiddos. She is a certified parent coach who loves working with moms and dads of adolescents to build stronger, healthier connections in their home. To learn more, visit her website at

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