Monday, December 11, 2023

Lori Williams provides resources for anything senior related

Contrary to some peoples’ beliefs, Lori Williams helps seniors with more than just their future housing needs.

“We are a resource to answer any questions for them for anything senior-related,” said the owner of Lori Williams-Senior Services. After starting by herself early in 2018, she now has an eight-person team covering all of Dallas/Fort Worth. “Our sole mission is to have you thriving wherever you are.”

Williams taps into a network of 20+ experts in Medicare, physical therapy, real estate, moving, home care, hospice and downsizing. She also educates seniors on the growing number of scams and shares that collective knowledge in person and on her more than 100 “Aging in Style” podcasts.

Of course she can help anyone deciding between senior apartments, assisted living or staying in their home.

“The minute people hear senior placement they shut down saying ‘I’m not ready for the home,’” she said. “What I want them to understand is ‘we want you to stay in your home as long as you safely can.’ When I turn to that, they want to talk to me.

“We want you to stay in your home and be safe. Over the age of 65, the chance of falling goes way up. Part of our service is to educate on what you can do to stay safe in your own home.”

Williams said fear of leaving what a person always has known is the biggest obstacle she encounters. When someone is ready, they may not know where to begin. Concerns on the cost to move related to outliving their money also come into play – concerns she can help quell.

“You don’t just call me because you need to know about assisted living or a nursing home,” said Williams, who serves on the Denton County Meals on Wheels board of directors. “Call me if you are trying to stay home. I want to get you the resources to stay home until it’s not safe to stay there.”

Lori Williams-Senior Services, voted “Best of Denton County” for four straight years, assists people for free. For more details, visit

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