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Lewisville Wound Care offers a positive and effective healing experience

Cuts, scrapes, lacerations, and other minor skin wounds have always been so commonplace that many people don’t give them a second thought. Perhaps they fell off their bike and skinned a knee, or they cut themselves in the kitchen or while gardening on the front lawn. Sure, it hurts. But they put a Band-Aid and ointment on it and trust that it will heal in a few days.

But so many others have wounds that last weeks and months without showing any improvement. And rather than having the luxury of blaming it on a minor injury, the wound is because of an underlying condition such as diabetes, circulation issues, prolonged pressure due to immobility, etc. What started small is now large and infected, more painful, and isn’t responding to typical treatment. Their quality of life is impacted, and they believe this is something they must manage for the rest of their life.

For these and so many more people, Lewisville Wound Care & Hyperbaric Center can help.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy chamber at Lewisville Wound Care & Hyperbaric Center. (Photo by Lynn Seeden/Seeden Photography)

Located off Valley Parkway, their team of physicians specializes in preventing and managing chronic and non-healing wounds that, without proper and aggressive treatment, could greatly affect quality of life and may lead to limb amputation.

“We specialize in everything related to wound care management,” said US Wound Care President David Johnston. USWC is the parent company for Lewisville Wound Care. “More often than not, our patients have been referred to us by their physician, and they are suffering from the worst of the worst cases. They’re diabetic or have peripheral neuropathy, and perhaps they’ve already had one amputation. Healing wounds is our specialty. We like to get ahead of their situation so that they don’t have to suffer and can heal.”

He added, “Our heal rate is 95%, and our amputation rate is less than 3%.”

Lewisville Wound Care & Hyperbaric Center has only been in Lewisville for 15 months but has quickly become the option of choice for patients who have suffered for years with no relief. Chronic wounds — defined as any wound that does not respond to conventional care within 30 days — can be anything from foot ulcers to surgical wounds that won’t heal, burn and radiation wounds, skin tears, and more.

The team of physicians at Lewisville Wound Care combat these and so many other wounds with a multidisciplinary approach that includes wound debridement and dressing selection, laboratory assessments, physical therapy, dietary and nutritional counseling, patient education, and hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

Their hyperbaric oxygen therapy chamber, which stimulates and supports the body’s own natural healing processes by providing it with the necessary oxygen the body needs to heal, is one of the largest of its kind in the state.

Patients can be treated both as in-patient and out-patient, and the goal is to heal the wound, preserve limbs and function, and minimize readmissions due to additional wound complications. They use advanced wound healing techniques and expert staff to develop a comprehensive care plan for each patient struggling with a complex wound.

“The key is that we have a dedicated team of wound care physicians,” Johnston said. “You visit some facilities, and you may work with a nurse practitioner or physician’s assistant. While they may have some training in wound care management, it’s not their specialty. This is what we do every day. Typically, we treat patients for 30 days using specialized methods. After that, and if they qualify, we will do hyperbaric oxygen therapy to promote further healing.”

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