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GOOD’s Thoughts — April 2022

Now is the time we plan for summer … traveling, visiting friends & family, and so much more. Also, our younglings are reaching their various graduation milestones … from kindergarten to graduate school.

In this month of April, our high school graduates are preparing for their transition to partial adulthood and making decisions about their futures – the military, college, trade schools, and more.

As many know, I am a retired Army Lieutenant Colonel. But, that was not the plan as I entered this season way back. Graduating 32 years ago, I was planning for a big corporate career as a lawyer … thinking that was my path to success.

My cousin, The Real Forrest Gump, a Vietnam Medal of Honor Recipient, approached me about the military and West Point. I told him, “Sammy, I am not going in the military!”

How times changed!

Yet, three years later, there I was … getting on a plane for Fort Sill and flying through DFW airport. How I would never imagine living here, owning two PostNet stores, and the life God has given me. I would not change one minute of it … well … maybe that time when I was so tired I fell asleep standing up on a movement and awoke to find myself alone wondering where my team had gone.

Life has its ups and downs… our younglings see our successes but rarely do we reveal the challenges hidden beneath. This spring, as we watch the sun rise and set, let us take time with our young to share our more complete story and help them see that today, they simply need to make the best decisions they can and let life show us our way. And NEVER REGRET.

Your PostNet Team – Big and Small, We Print it All!

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CTG Staff
CTG Staff
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