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Harvest Happenings – March 2022

Everyone has a story. I love hearing people’s stories and learning more about their experiences. I am always amazed at what I learn. Harvest is full of talented and interesting neighbors. We have former professional athletes, famous musicians, American military heroes, radio personalities, secret service agents, actors and more.

I recently had the opportunity to sit down with Harvest neighbor Kace Winfield, an 11-year-old boy who attends Argyle Intermediate School. He just wrapped up his first SAG (Screen Actors Guild) movie role in Granger Smith’s new movie called “Moonrise,” set to be released sometime in 2022. The movie is about a country singer who lost his wife and struggles to find purpose, redemption, forgiveness, embrace fatherhood, faith and ultimately the ability to love again.

Kace Winfield on the set of “Moonrise.”

Kace wanted to be an actor since he was five. In June 2021, the Winfield family decided to help Kace pursue his dream. They sought out advice and guidance and were advised to enroll him in acting school. The Winfield’s enrolled Kace at Cathryn Sullivan’s Acting for Film. This is where it got serious. Kace received scripts, memorized lines, performed, and received critique.

At first, receiving critique was hard. Kace has a strong work ethic and a desire to do everything perfectly. Kace said he realized that the teachers and coaches intentions were to make him a better actor. Once that clicked for him, it was easier to hear criticism.

Over the course of a few weeks, Kace learned a lot about acting, but also how to balance his school responsibilities while pursuing his dream. Kace knew that it wouldn’t be easy. He has had to make some sacrifices in the process. For example, instead of coming home from school and going outside to play, he has to do his homework so he can study scripts and memorize lines.

After a few months, the Winfield’s enrolled Kace in an acting seminar. Typically, this seminar is for more advanced actors. The Winfield’s thought this would be a great learning experience for Kace. They went into this with no expectations except for learning. Kace was exceptional and gained the attention of two agencies. By the end of the seminar, Kace had signed with an official agent. This was huge and very unexpected. The agent was able to do the legwork in finding Kace auditions.

As someone not in the acting industry, I had no idea the work that goes into each audition. So, I asked Kace how he prepares for an audition. “You have to learn the objective and what the show or movie is about. You have to understand the character, the role, and read over the whole script. It’s important when you are learning the lines to understand why you are saying those words. It’s not just about memorizing lines, it’s about becoming that person. It’s a lot of work. That’s probably the most disappointing part when you don’t get a call back because you have spent so much time learning that role. In the beginning, it was super frustrating. However, now I see it as an opportunity to learn and grow.”

Can you believe this is coming from an 11 year old? I was really blown away by Kace. He speaks with such clarity and maturity you forget you are speaking to an 11 year old.

Over the last year, Kace has had about 10 auditions. Sometimes he got a call back right away and other times it was months later. This whole process has been learning experience for Kace as well as his parents.

For the movie “Moonrise,” Kace auditioned for the role right before Christmas and in the first week of January he received a director’s call back. The following Monday, Kace received a call from his agent who informed him that he got the role and then Kace was on set by that Thursday. It all happened so fast that it took a moment to sink in that Kace was staring in a movie.

He said he couldn’t believe he got the role. He was so excited. When he showed up on set and saw his trailer with his name on the door, it all became real. Kace was nervous and excited all at once. I asked him how he pushed through those nerves. He said getting to know the other actors off camera helped and gave him the confidence he needed. When the lights and cameras were on, Kace said he had to do some positive self-talk to get focused. Such great advice. We can all afford to learn the skill of positive self-talk.

I asked him a few questions about what it was like to be on a movie set. Here are few of his answers:

Where was the movie filmed? In Blanco, Texas.

What was your favorite experience from being on set? That’s tough because there are so many experiences! I learned how to ride a horse! That was pretty awesome. Also, every time we would go to lunch someone would have a game we would play. Playing those games helped us to bond as a cast off camera. If you can make a family off-set, then when the cameras are on it is more natural.

How long were you on set? We filmed in about four weeks.

How did you do your school assignments when you were on location? We have a teacher on set. We had to have a least 12 hours of school per week. Argyle would send my assignments and I would find time to do my schoolwork in between scenes. We didn’t have set school hours, you just had to use the time when you aren’t on set.

Did you have any bloopers? Oh yes! I think every actor on set had bloopers. There are some real funny ones that I can’t share just yet. After the film releases, I can share all of the funny bloopers!

Granger Smith and Kace Winfield.

How was it working with Granger Smith? Oh it was awesome! He is really great. I got a guitar lesson from Granger which was so cool. That is something I will never forget. This is also Granger’s first-time acting. So, I think that’s cool we both shared in that experience.

Did you have a stunt double? Actually, I did! All of us had a stunt double which was cool. My brother in the film wanted to do his own stunts but we weren’t allowed to.

Anything else you want to share? This guy in the film, he had a smaller role and it was his turn to film. So he starts and says, “Well folks we have a big surprise today we have country singer Will Smith…” and everyone was like wait, what? Even Granger was like, what? He was supposed to say Will Brown. I gave him a hard time and was joking with him and when he went to do the scene again, he said Will Smith again! We all thought that was so funny. That is one story I enjoy telling people.

What advice do you have for aspiring actors? I would definitely enroll in acting school. Professional training will help you learn so much more than you think. You don’t really realize all the work you have to do as an actor. Acting is hard. So I would say be ready to put the work in, practice and listen to the professional coaches they only want to make you better.

The Winfield’s have learned so much through this process. They didn’t have any experience with the acting industry. They have so appreciated the guidance and advice of directors, producers, and the folks at Cathryn Sullivan’s Acting for Film school. Something they learned from doing this movie is how beneficial it is to be a diverse actor. For example, being able to sing, dance, and play an instrument helps open more doors. Kace actually had to sing in his audition. He sang “Ring of Fire” and did pretty well. He is actually taking voice and guitar lessons to perfect those skills. Something else they have learned is that Kace is a genuine, believable actor. His niche right now is dramas versus the Disney/Nickelodeon type roles.

We are so proud of Kace. He is truly a delightful person. I can see the appeal he has and understand why he is experiencing such success so early in his acting career. Kace has an amazing family who support and encourage him. It was fun to watch them as Kace was interviewed as you can see how proud they are of him. We can’t wait to see the movie “Moonrise.” Please be sure to follow @Kacewinfield on Instagram for movie details and updates.

CTG Staff
CTG Staff
The Cross Timbers Gazette News Department

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