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Flower Mound Mayor’s Message — February 2022

Hello, Flower Mound! Did you know that in addition to writing these monthly columns, I also appear in our monthly Flower Mound Television (FMTV) news segment?

Our Communications team produces a monthly program called “Town Matters,” in which they share recent town news and upcoming events and highlight the work of various town departments.

For example, in the February Town Matters broadcast, you’ll learn about how to register for the Flower Mound Police Department’s Citizen Police Academy; you’ll hear about our upcoming review of the current recommendations and regulations related to the Cross Timbers Conservation Development District and how you can provide feedback; you’ll receive winter weather preparedness tips; you’ll find out about the recent rainbow trout stocking of two Flower Mound ponds, and much more.

In addition to providing these updates every month, each “Town Matters” broadcast features a segment called the “Mayor’s Minute.”

You guessed it – that’s where I come in! My “Mayor’s Minute” (which, I’ll readily admit is usually longer than just one minute) typically mirrors the information I provide in these monthly columns. I try to focus on things that I know will interest Flower Mound residents or are current topics that Town Council is discussing.

I bring all this up because I want to make sure you catch my February “Mayor’s Minute.” For the first time on the segment, I invited a special guest to appear with me – our new Town Manager James Childers. We have a great conversation over a few minutes (hey, like I said, sticking to one minute is hard!), and I even learned some new facts about James.

He shares that Flower Mound is one of the only localities he would have considered leaving his previous position for, and that’s a very interesting fact given that he played football at Arlington ISD’s Lamar High School and grew up as a Marcus High School rival – associating all of Flower Mound with the painful losses he endured. He ultimately came to love us, though, as he wised up with age, and now he’s thrilled to be at the helm of the town. He and his family are still house hunting, so it’s up in the air where his kids will enroll in school, but I think it’d be the ultimate poetic irony if he ends up with some Marauders in his house.

Be sure to check out my video with James – and all of the “Town Matters” broadcasts – at There, you can find all the great content our Communications team produces. FMTV is also available to watch on Astound Broadband (Grande) Cable Channel 12, Time Warner Cable Channel 16, and Frontier Channel 42, and is streamed live online at

In addition to the monthly “Town Matters” segments, FMTV programming includes live broadcasts and replays of Town Council and Planning and Zoning Commission meetings, public service announcements, special event coverage, and educational shows from state and federal agencies.

Switching gears, I wanted to share that Republic Services recently submitted their Flower Mound Annual Report to the Town. Republic tracks collection data throughout the year and compiles the information in an annual report, which is helpful for monitoring trash and recycling numbers and learning about the impact Flower Mound residents are making through recycling.

From October 2020 to September 2021, Republic collected 8,530 tons of recycling from residences and commercial businesses in our town. That number is way up from the 6,005 tons recycled in fiscal year 2020. Way to go, Flower Mound!

All that recycling helped save nearly 30,000 cubic yards in landfill airspace, more than 102,000 mature trees, and nearly 60 million gallons of water. Your decision to recycle in Flower Mound made a big impact on the environment, including reducing greenhouse gas by more than 27,000 metric tons, which is equivalent to saving more than 3 million gallons of gasoline or taking nearly 5,000 cars off the roads for one full year.

Thanks for helping us create a greener tomorrow. To learn more about the trash and recycling services offered to Flower Mound residents, please visit If you click on the “Recycling Services” tab there, you can also find a list of eligible recyclable materials and items, along with things you should definitely not throw in your green bin.

Thanks for following along once again. I’ll see you back here in March!

CTG Staff
CTG Staff
The Cross Timbers Gazette News Department

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