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Edmondson: A time for thankfulness

By Dianne Edmondson, Precinct 4 Denton County Commissioner

As we contemplate the Christmas season, do you ever really stop and think about how much you —we — have to be thankful for? I am reminded frequently whenever someone speaks of being “blessed” or when an opening prayer suggests thankfulness or even when a classic old movie on TV makes me cry with joy or sadness.

I often hear echoes in my mind of some oldie but goodie songs. Please join me now in recalling one of them, “Count Your Blessings.” Let’s indeed “count them one by one.”

First would have to be thankfulness for life itself, even though it may be punctuated by illness, disappointments, even sorrows. Yet even with these, for most of us, there are still the joys of family and friends, of nature’s colorful change of scenery this past month, and of the contagious laughter of youngsters playing in the bountiful carpet of leaves.

Thankfulness for family truly is heartfelt — spouse, children, grandchildren, parents, aunts, uncles, cousins —any or all of all of the above are grounds for gratitude. And let’s not forget the “family that we choose” — those friends whose lives are entwined with ours.

Sharing the bounty that most of us have with others less fortunate is an opportunity for which to be truly thankful. And that opportunity will continue throughout the year-end’s holiday season, so let’s take full advantage of it. Teaching our children to share with others at this time of year is one of our fondest memories of their childhood.

Living in this great county, in this great state, and in this great nation surely makes most of us very thankful, especially as we watch others who have been ripped from their own country for helping ours in a faraway land and who are now trying to make a new life here in America.

Gratitude for our freedom of religion, to worship as we choose, or not. Gratitude for the wisdom and divine inspiration shown by our forefathers in drafting our Declaration of Independence and our Constitution. Gratitude for those leaders who now are setting a course for prosperity and success in our county, state and nation.

And as we enter this upcoming election season, how thankful we surely are to have the liberty to choose our leadership at the city, county and state level in the next year. Thankfulness also is felt by our elected officials, who truly want to offer their time and talent for public service. I, for one, am most grateful to those of you in Commissioner Pct. 4 who have entrusted me with this awesome responsibility. And I know that other elected officials share that desire to serve and gratitude for the opportunity.

Yes, it is that time of year again. And having named nearly a dozen blessings, I plan to keep on counting and I invite you to join with me in this thankful task.


Contact Commissioner Edmondson by email at [email protected] or phone her at 972-434-3960. You can also stop by her office in the Southwest Courthouse, 6200 Canyon Falls Drive, Suite 900, in Flower Mound.  

CTG Staff
CTG Staff
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