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Meet Cindy Moore: Flower Mound artist, educator, activist, advocate

By Elizabeth Brannon, Flower Mound Cultural Arts Commission member

Meet Cindy Garza Moore, a Flower Mound teacher and high energy creative force in the art world.

Cindy started working for LISD 11 years ago as a recovery agent for dropouts. She connected with students who were high risk and worked to get them back into school and complete their degrees.

Cindy observed that art classes brought the students back to school more willingly. This influenced her to pursue art education instead of just general education.

Currently, Cindy teaches art education at Bridlewood STEM Academy – as a K-5 Art Specialist. While teaching at Bridlewood, Cindy graduated from Boston University (online), Summa Cum Laude, with a Master’s Degree.

Cindy brings all kinds of art education and opportunities to her students, from working with clay to drawing to painting, to sewing to water color.

She teaches her students that art is vast and ever-changing, which allows her to bring big ideas to the classroom. After students complete a project, the discussion is about what they learned and how they feel about their work. There is no focus on the end product – it’s a focus on the process and the growth in the child, which the allows the child to have a positive take-away and feel good about themselves.

Her littles first get acquainted with supplies and color mixing or brush techniques, and by the time they get to 2nd grade, they sew or weave. Cindy scaffolds the skills (art skills as well as life skills) for the kids.

Cindy hangs everything on a gallery wall in her classroom and rotates the display every month. For this school year, Cindy is looking forward to having an art classroom again, instead of just a cart!

LISD supports the arts, and the district hangs the student artwork in the administration building and throughout the hallways in her school. The artwork of her students was also featured at Art Fest and is often hung in local businesses.

Cindy knows she’s lucky to work for LISD. The State of Texas has TEKS– Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills -for each discipline and grade. For the Fine Arts TEKS, which includes visual art, music, etc., LISD gives flexibility to the arts programs and teachers.

Cindy fell in love with community outreach, activism and giving back, which resulted in her forming Creatives Unite.

Creatives Unite is a nonprofit that sponsors different programs and centers. Cindy has supported campaigns for pet adoption by doing pet portraits. Through the sale of her pet portraits, Cindy generated enough revenue that she was able to complete a Wish List for the Denton Children’s Advocacy Center. Their list included food, toys and art supplies. Cindy constantly demonstrates how art can give back to the community.

In her life away from school, Cindy’s artistic life is diverse – she works in water colors and has a pottery wheel and kiln. She makes polymer clay earrings and paints clothes like jean jackets and has a photo studio in her home. One room is a dedicated office/studio with things like a drafting table that allows her to spread out and be absorbed in creating something every day.

Cindy is a first-generation college graduate and a blend of artist and educator. She knows all those forces influence one another… her art life influences education in her classroom and influences her as a person. She is a multi-skilled artist and is also the recipient of several awards.

Cindy is teaching her students and her daughter to have a dream and to understand that anything is possible. LISD and Flower Mound are both lucky to call Cindy their own.

To learn more about Cindy, visit her at

Art Thoughts: “Art is a universal language that cuts across every racial, cultural, social, educational and economic barrier. It bridges the gap between dreaming of what is possible and achieving it. Art transforms lives, transcends change and injects beauty into communities. Art brings the world together.” – Cindy Moore

CTG Staff
CTG Staff
The Cross Timbers Gazette News Department

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