Tuesday, February 7, 2023

Foodie Friday: Salerno’s Italian Restaurant

This week we revisit a restaurant that’s been open in the Flower Mound area for over 30 years, Salerno’s Italian Restaurant. Just a few years ago, Salerno’s relocated from Flower Mound to Highland Village. And in February 2020, Aaron Voss and his wife took over ownership from the Salerno family.

Anyone who’s lived here in the Flower Mound area has some sort of fond memory of Salerno’s. For some of the longtime residents on our team, those memories include meeting up with friends at the bar, high school homecoming dinners, reunions, date nights, and more.

And Aaron has done a wonderful job of keeping that community-centered feeling alive.

Even though Salerno’s is under new ownership, you’ll still find their signature dishes on the menu like their Spaghetti and Meatballs, Pecan Chicken, and Short Ribs.

But since taking over, Aaron has introduced some fantastic new items to the menu. One of those new menu items is their Family Style Feasts which come with your choice of entrée, salad, steamed vegetables, and two desserts.

Aaron has also added a new Specialties section to the menu where you can choose the base of your pasta and add whichever protein you’d like on top. Those new specialty options include: Palermo with zoodles and olive oil; Tuscany with sundried tomatoes and artichoke hearts in a white wine lemon sauce; Florencia with artichoke hearts and spinach in a brandy lemon cream sauce; Messina with mushrooms and spinach in a pesto; and Venicia with mushrooms and sundried tomatoes in a sherry pink sauce over linguine.

Everything at Salerno’s is made in-house. Including their desserts like their pies, cannolis, tiramisu, and (Aaron’s favorite) their bread pudding.

Salerno’s may be owned by a new family now, but it still has that feeling of family and community you’ve grown to love over the last 30+ years. So, if you haven’t been in to meet Aaron and his team, go visit Salerno’s in Highland Village for some delicious Italian cuisine this weekend!

*Salerno’s Italian Restaurant is now located at 2250 FM 407, Ste. 130, Highland Village, TX.

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