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Meet the Candidates: Copper Canyon Council Place 4

Southern Denton County residents will head to the polls this spring to decide a plethora of municipal and school board contests.

The Cross Timbers Gazette asked each candidate in a contested race to answer a brief questionnaire to help voters make an informed decision at the polls this May. Election Day is Saturday, May 1, with early voting April 19-27.

The 2021 Copper Canyon General Election includes races for mayor and Places 2 and 4. In Place 4, incumbent Robin Douglas-Davis is being challenged by Dale Andrews.

The candidates for Copper Canyon Town Council Place 4 are listed in alphabetic order below:

Copper Canyon Place 4 (2-year-term)

Dale Andrews

Dale Andrews, 82

Occupation: Semi-retired, rancher, general contractor

Education: High School; Ada, Oklahoma
Tulsa Technical College; Tulsa, Oklahoma
(Degree in Architectural and Map Drafting)

Public Service: I have always prioritized preserving the legacy and history of not just Copper Canyon but Denton & Dallas County through business, area schools and local organizations. I volunteered on several projects with Town Council & P&Z since living here and continue to stay involved in town issues. My spare time is spent doing what is necessary to help neighbors and family achieve their goals and successes.

What motivated you to run for this position, and why are you the best choice? I was asked by a group of citizens to run for office to bring unity and a calm, experienced influence to our Town Council. I had always intended to run at some point in my life and this seems like the right time. Since I am semi-retired, I have the time to serve Copper Canyon and be an effective and fair representative to everyone who lives here. I bring a lifetime of business experience, successful negotiation and knowledge of land rights and planning to the table and I will use this experience to help tackle the challenges we will face in the next few years. My goal is to work to bring our community together, manage town government and protect our borders from surrounding growth. I believe in honesty, integrity and loyalty and I will take the oath of office with those values always in place.

What is your mission statement? I have a deep appreciation for Copper Canyon and understand the importance of protecting its history. My wife and I own 14 acres here and I will work to keep our town the rural peaceful place it is today. I will serve all citizens and make myself available to solve issues. If you vote for me, I will do everything I can to honor your trust.

Email: [email protected]

Robin Douglas-Davis

Robin Douglas-Davis (i), 58

Occupation: Retired physical therapist

Education: Texas A&M – B.S.
Texas Woman’s University – M.S.

Public Service: I have served Copper Canyon for two years as a Councilmember working to preserve our rural lifestyle, to increase local government transparency, promote citizen civic involvement, and improve our town’s financial health. Additionally, I am fortunate to fulfill my passion of serving others as a pediatric Physical Therapist at Children’s Medical Center of Dallas. Being a non-profit health care center, I have had the privilege of caring for the most vulnerable among us for the last 25 years.

What motivated you to run for this position, and why are you the best choice? I was motivated to run for Copper Canyon Town Council after our previous Council approved high density development south of 407 against the wishes of the vast majority of the town residents. I knew, at a minimum, I could listen to our citizens and work to preserve the rural atmosphere we enjoy. As I have served on Council, I have come to appreciate the value of looking at issues from varying viewpoints and with a long-term focus. I am an independent voice who can evaluate challenges and opportunities from multiple angles. I am an advocate for citizens bringing a balanced approach to solving problems while taking measured, common sense action that respects all sides.

What is your mission statement?My goal is to preserve Copper Canyon’s rural nature, maintain responsible, conservative financial health for our town and promote property owner rights so citizens may enjoy their homes. Additionally, I feel all representation must be based on open, transparent, easily accessible government that encourages respectful discussions with citizens.

Candidate Facebook page:

Email: [email protected]

Mark Smith
Mark Smith
Mark Smith is the Digital Editor of The Cross Timbers Gazette.

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