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Pastor’s Place: Come Near to God

Pastor Rick Williamson – Argyle United Methodist Church

By Rick Williamson, Pastor, Argyle United Methodist Church

Back in March, my wife and I adopted a dog. Like many people spending more time at home during COVID, we discovered a void only a puppy could fill. A puppy that would cuddle and play with enthusiasm. A constant companion that would reciprocate the love we’d show it. You know, the dream dog that would make the pandemic, economic instability, and personal isolation disappear.

We fell in love with two-year-old Sammy. But some might say Sammy is not the “dream dog.” That first month, he curled up in a ball on his bed 24-hrs a day, until we persuaded him out for a walk. He would eat only in the middle of the night when we were asleep. He let us pet him, but did not return the affection. Whatever happened to him in those first couple of years made him fearful and anxious.

Like Sammy, the world today has been creating fear in us. We self-isolate and worry, “what next?” If we look to ourselves, fear overtakes us, but if we look beyond ourselves to something greater, we find strength in a force stronger than us.

Yes, I am talking about God. Like we care for Sammy, God continues to love us into new life by being there for us. James 4:8 says, “Come near to God and He will come near to you.”

As we pass our six-month milestone since adopting him, we have seen Sammy slowly come out of his ball of fear. A tail wag here, kisses on our hand there, and a stance slightly more relaxed around us. Eventually, he’s even started to look forward to walks.

During difficult times, look beyond our current situation and realize that this shall pass. God is here to guide us to wisdom, grace, and peace.


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CTG Staff
CTG Staff
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