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Lewisville may add council seat

Lewisville City Hall

The Lewisville City Council has given city staff approval to work toward a possible May 2021 Charter Amendment Election that would give residents a vote on increasing the number of City Council seats.

Currently, the Council is made up of six people – five Council members and the Mayor. Under the proposed amendment, only if the annexation of Castle Hills happens, the Council would increase to seven people – six Council members and the Mayor.

Right now, annexation of Castle Hills is being targeted for December 2021.

In 2017, voters approved the creation of residential voting districts upon annexation of an area that increases the geographic size of Lewisville by at least 8 percent.

If annexation happens, Lewisville, along with Castle Hills, will be divided into districts. Each district will have a City Council seat decided from among candidates living within those districts but voted at-large by all voters of all districts. Districts will be roughly equal in population, based on the 2020 Census. The Mayor position will remain an at-large position — candidates can live anywhere in the City and be voted by all residents.

If the proposed charter amendment is approved by voters, the City would be divided into six residential districts after annexation.

If annexation does not happen, the Lewisville City Council will remain at six people and residential districts will not be implemented.

City staff is now developing ballot language for the possible May 2021 Charter Amendment Election. An ordinance calling the election will be submitted to the City Council for consideration at the January 18, 2021, meeting. Charter elections can only be held every two years.

CTG Staff
CTG Staff
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