Monday, December 11, 2023

Foodie Friday: Teaholic Teahouse & Restaurant

The name of one of Highland Village’s newest restaurants, Teaholic, might deceive you if you think all they’re serving up are teas. We were shocked to find an entire Asian fusion menu when we walked through their doors to film this week’s episode. Whether you’re a fan of Chinese, Thai, or Vietnamese-style cuisine, there’s something for you here at Teaholic. They even have a little twist on some American cuisine with their version of French fries and popcorn chicken!

The restaurant is owned by Karen Nguyen and managed by Elysse Mueller, a fantastic young duo who truly have a passion for the food and atmosphere they’re creating and providing to the public.

Their made-to-order dishes include some amazing options like: their Garlic Noodles and Shaken Beef made with filet mignon, onions and bell peppers;  the Pad See Ew made with traditional Thai flat noodles, and a slightly sweeter alternative to Pad Thai; and the popular Vietnamese soup, Pho.

While they may not be just a teahouse, they are a teahouse serving up fantastic hot teas, milk teas, boba teas, coffees, and smoothies. Each of their teas are hand-shaken and include whatever add-ins you like, whether that’s boba, jellies, fruit, etc. One of their most popular is their Mango Twist which is made with mango and strawberry teas and a mango jelly at the bottom.

Teaholic is so appreciative of the support they’ve received since opening in Highland Village and look forward to serving the community delicious Asian cuisine and teas for years to come!

*Teaholic is located at  2940 Justin Rd Unit 100, Highland Village TX 75077.

Jay Marks
Jay Marks
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