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It’s all in the family at Northlake Family EyeCare

Newlyweds Dr. Barjinder Gill and Dr. Kristen Hatton serve patients at Northlake Family EyeCare.

Little did Dr. Anjonette Colvin know when she hired Dr. Barjinder Gill last year she would get a two-for-one deal. Gill recruited his future wife, Dr. Kristen Hatton, to join him at Northlake Family EyeCare.

The two married in August, one month after Hatton was brought on for her knowledge in vision therapy and traumatic brain injuries. That allows the practice, one of the area’s few independently-owned eye care facilities, to help more patients at one location.

Colvin opened Northlake Family EyeCare nearly two years ago primarily so her patients who live in the area didn’t have to travel to her Heritage Family EyeCare clinic in north Fort Worth.

“Our goal is we’ll be able to take care of our patients here,” said Dr. Hatton. “We don’t have to send them out except for surgeries and anything else we can’t do here.”

Gill was a certified optician at Heritage before deciding to attend optometry school. He met Hatton during rotations at Tallahassee Veterans Hospital in Florida after which they returned to Texas to start their new careers. Hatton learned about the newer field of vision therapy while completing her residency in Plano.

“A lot of patients will have difficulty with reading which is the main complaint,” she said. “They might have some double vision or blurriness. They may need glasses, or something else like vision therapy. This is where we retrain eyes to have better depth perception and better vision overall.”

Dr. Hatton helps patients with two specific issues. One is called eye tracking where the eyes accurately look across a page. The other is eye-teaming where the eyes are pointed in the same direction which might be called lazy eye. Children make up the biggest part of this practice though she treats adults who have put off dealing with their problems.

She treats traumatic injury patients who have similar symptoms of lazy or blurry eye or cranial nerve issues.

Both Dr. Gill and Dr. Hatton also handle routine eye care and disease management for glaucoma and diabetes and Dr. Gill also is an expert in dry eyes and specialty contact lenses.

Northlake Family EyeCare is located at 1500 Commons Cir. # 200, Northlake, TX 76226. You can schedule your initial eye exam by calling 940-382-2020.


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