Saturday, September 30, 2023

Tips to tackle the school year

Manu Shahi

This year, back to school is uncharted territory for everyone, and it will take time for us to understand the new roadmap in front of us. There is no prescribed framework to work from because we have never been here before, but it is a work in progress for all of us

We all are in the same storm but different boats: Online, in-person, or hybrid. It is our role as parents to focus on how our children learn and what they learn because the location is based on the storm we are facing.

During the school year, there are four corners that we, as parents, repeatedly struggle with: Homework, projects, classwork, and tests.

But these four corners show up as problems on the surface because we have issues below the surface. This school year perhaps takes a different and fresh approach: BE-DO-HAVE.

As a parent what is that you want to HAVE? Now to have that, what is that you must DO? Finally, to do that who do you have to BE?

Perhaps you want to HAVE a feeling of joy when all this is over. What is that you need to DO to feel that and who do you need to BE to get that? Take these values to your family, especially to your children, and discuss, explore, and plan. Having the same goal and value system in the house is the start.

Before the school year begins, it is time to do the prep work. Here are ten steps you can take to have a better-than-ever school year:

  1.  Establish clear expectations between family members.
  2.  Set a schedule that is comfortable to all.
  3.  Get the family organized via calendars.
  4.  Teach Independence and expect space for your work time.
  5.  Be consistent. Only make rules that you can follow through.
  6.  Designate a Launchpad.
  7.  Let consequences happen. Those are important life lessons.
  8.  Know the school rules and systems.
  9.  Investigate classes and grades.
  10.  Have family meetings.

Your job is to be a parent, not a teacher, and to reach out to the teachers as a parent. If you give your child some structure where they work and spend time productively, you are doing your job. So be kind to yourself and use positive self-talk as you go to bed every night to get through one more day. Remember you must connect with them before you correct them. 

Study Smart is a unit of Homework In a Café to help students with school work. It is a district-approved program in Argyle and Lewisville ISD’s. Visit or contact Manu Shahi at 972.333.4663.

CTG Staff
CTG Staff
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