Thursday, August 18, 2022

Around Argyle — July 2020

Argyle Mayor Donald Moser

July 2020 is upon us and this is the time we celebrate our independence. As the COVID-19 crisis continues and the infection number rises, it is going to make some of the celebrating a little less exciting.

Many of the large fireworks displays will not be held this year which will no doubt make the idea of purchasing fireworks and creating a private display more appealing.  However, as several locations will be selling fireworks near town, remember the use of fireworks within the Town Limits is prohibited.  The use of fireworks in the county is subject to county fire regulations.  See the Denton County Fire Marshal website for further information

Summertime also brings vacations.  Be sure to register with the Argyle Police Department for vacation checks on your home while you are out of town.  The council meeting for July 6th has been canceled due to the lack of agenda items and to allow the council a break and schedule vacations.  Mornings with the Mayor and all other group meetings in town hall are still on hold due to COVID-19.  We urge everyone to continue the social distancing guidelines as well as the wearing of face coverings in public places.

August is budget season for the council.  We will be looking at our annual budget as well as any special capital improvement projects.  One of my goals is to review the town’s property tax rate for a possible reduction soon.

Our road improvement program is moving right along, and we have received very good feedback from the public.  Please continue to let us know your thoughts.  Further improvement will continue throughout the summer.  Hopefully, the inconvenience will be as painless as possible.  We are reviewing our storm water drainage maintenance.  Many areas of town are long overdue for maintenance and this will need to be considered in the upcoming budget.

The long-awaited multi-jurisdictional Crawford Road project is set to start this fall and will provide not only an improved roadway but a roundabout at Crawford Road and John Paine Road, a westbound left turn lane into Unity Park, sidewalks from Country Lakes Estates to Unity Park with a crosswalk, flashing signal lights and more.  This is a project I started over three years ago with then-commissioner Andy Eads.  I am truly proud to see this project coming to light.

I would like to thank the Argyle Crime Control and Prevention District for hosting the annual Police Appreciation Dinner on June 26.  Chief Emmitt Jackson conducted a badge pinning and rededication ceremony for our officers as well as giving out awards for Officer of the Year to Jared Barnett and the Vision Award to Sgt. Antonio Segura.  Congratulations to all our officers, we are very proud of the work you do.

CTG Staff
The Cross Timbers Gazette News Department

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