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How to safely prepare your air conditioning for warmer weather

Dustin Neff, operations manager of Triple A Air Conditioning.

by Dustin Neff, Triple A Air Conditioning

Despite everything that is going on in the world, summer is coming and your home is starting to warm up. You may be worried about how to maintain your air conditioning system, or repair it, safely during this unprecedented time.

To follow manufacturers’ recommendations to maintain your equipment, you should have service on your cooling and heating equipment two times per year in our climate: once in the spring, and once in the fall. Both are very important to affect how efficiently the system operates and how long a life it will have. But how do you have that service conducted, and keep your family safe at this time?

Most of this work is done outside your home at your condensing unit. However, to completely check your system, the technicians will need to come inside to check your filter and thermostat. There are procedures that can ensure your family, and others, stay safe.

Following advice from the CDC for essential services, anyone who comes in your home should be virus free. To avoid bringing any germs into your home, essential services individuals should thoroughly wash, or sanitize, their hands prior to entry. Before entering, they must put on disposable gloves and shoe covers. While inside your home, they should practice social distancing from your family and pets by 6 feet. Once the service is complete, they should remove, and dispose of, the gloves and shoe covers before entering their vehicle. This will keep them from sharing your home’s germs with anyone else.

To limit these visits, you should be sure any maintenance appointment you book includes everything your system needs. Some lower priced “Tune-Up” options may require additional visits that could be accomplished all at once.

Triple A Air Conditioning offers a complete tune-up we call the AC Rejuvenation. This all-inclusive service accomplishes everything your AC system will need, safely, in one visit. First and foremost, we will clean the condenser coil. if the condenser is not cleaned, higher utility bills and breakdowns are likely to occur.

We will also clear and clean your system’s drain lines. This will help prevent potential costly water overflows that might cause even more damage to your home, if they were to occur.

Lastly, during our AC Rejuvenation, you will receive an inspection sheet showing you everything that was tested, and the results. Keep these results for your records.

Ultimately, you decide who comes into your home. Make sure to keep your family and your system safe during this time. Our family has been serving homes for three generations. We would be happy to help serve yours, safely, during this time.

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