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Harvest Happenings — April 2020

Page Austin, Harvest Lifestyle Manager

We are living in unprecedented times and trying to adjust to our new normal for the time being. It’s easy to get caught up in all of the negative things we feel and see on the news. However, it’s really important to see and hear the stories of amazing people doing extraordinary things right here in our local community.

It’s times like this that amplifies our sense of community. We see things from a larger perspective and are able to put aside our differences and come together as a collective force to support one another. We have already seen this from our Harvest neighbors. From picking up groceries, giving up their toilet paper stash, to birthday car parades and donations to provide meals to those on the front lines.

Harvest residents made masks for area medical professionals.

Our community immediately went into action. Neighbors from Harvest and Pecan Square, our sister property, came together to show support to those working on the forefront of COVID-19. In two days, neighbors donated just under a thousand dollars. Our neighbors were able to support local restaurants and provide meals to Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital, Argyle Fire District, and Northlake Police Department. Donations are still coming in so that they can continue to support those on the front lines.

Our neighbors’ generosity doesn’t stop there. When news came out that hospitals and emergency responders were low on face masks, our neighbors stepped up to the plate.

Neighbors Karina and Dida created a Facebook group called Harvest Mask Makers and asked neighbors to help make homemade masks. They provided instruction, mask requirements, and the process. The response was overwhelming. We had neighbors sewing, cutting, and assembling— all doing their part to help. “I have been dropping off cut outs daily to help. It’s a small contribution, but I wanted to do my part,” says Deanna.  In two days, our neighbors made and donated more than 200 face masks! They were donated to MD Pediatrics, Baylor Home Health, Wise Health, the Flower Mound Police Department, and the Northlake Police Department. As long as there is a need, they will continue to help!

We are living in tough times, but we can have hope because we are not alone. Harvest is a family and it’s times like this that spotlight the strong culture we have and why we say #harvestbettertogether. We are so proud of our Harvest family!

CTG Staff
CTG Staff
The Cross Timbers Gazette News Department

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