Sunday, May 22, 2022

Foodie Friday: Why we do what we do

Here General Manager, Amy Jiou, Jay Marks and Here owner, Wells Wang.

Since 2014, we’ve been telling the stories of local-owned restaurants found right here in our community. And there are so many incredible stories that inspire us each and every week.

The story of a stay-at-home mom who started baking cakes out of her home and now owns a successful bakery. The guys who worked years in the corporate world and one day realized their dream of opening a pizza restaurant. And the immigrants who invested everything they had into their dream of opening and owning a restaurant, and now own a successful Italian restaurant.

These are the stories of Foodie Friday DFW. And these are why we do what we do.

Jay Marks
Realtor Jay Marks reviews local restaurants each week.

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