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Northlake Notes — October 2019

Northlake Mayor David Rettig

Last month we focused on the start of school so this month we turn our attention to our seniors. Northlake prides itself on being a multi-generational community. What this means to me is we have or are planning for housing, resources, and services for all stages of life.

On the housing front, we have everything from large estates and ranches to single-story homes, townhomes, apartments and starter homes with plenty of options to upgrade or downsize during life’s transitions.

It is important to have this variety because it enables families from multiple generations to live and enjoy being close to one another. Many families in Northlake have expressed to me the desire or already have grandparents, mid-career families, and those just starting out living near to one another.

Growing up I enjoyed spending time at my grandparents’ houses and one of the great things was enjoying the summers and holidays with all the other members of the family gathered there. We want to be a community where everyone wants to come to visit or live down the street.

Having a safe community is priority number one. We have made significant investments in new police and public works staff and equipment this year. Many road projects are being started or requested from regional partners in order to ensure traffic safety and keep our community commutable.

There are a great number of walkable communities being developed and our master plan has many of these connected so that walking and bike riding will be possible across a good portion of the town. While making these investments, the town tax rate remains fixed at one of the top 10 lowest in all of DFW. Our residents will also benefit from the new 5% homestead discount and school tax relief passed in the last year.

Being a good place for retirees means having good services. We are early on this journey but things are moving forward. New ambulance service in the heart of town is coming online. Pharmacies are available just over the town lines in Roanoke and Argyle and we anticipate one or more coming to Northlake at 114 and 407 soon. A hospital was recently discussed in a neighboring community and while it may be a while until one eventually opens in our area, clinics and doctors’ offices are popping up all over in the meantime.

Restaurants are moving in! Amano Bistro just held its ribbon cutting at 114 while Bella Italia will be breaking ground at Northlake Commons soon. Texas Roadhouse and Cracker Barrel are anticipating coming to 114 and a couple dozen new retailers are expected at the Chadwick and Northlake Commons projects this year.

It is good to see many of our retirees lending their time and wisdom to our town’s leadership. We have representation in our HOAs, town, ISD volunteer positions and elections from our older generations. Thank you for your investment in our town! If you want to get plugged in and lend your expertise please let us know. There is plenty to do.

CTG Staff
The Cross Timbers Gazette News Department

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