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Northlake Notes — September 2019

Northlake Mayor David Rettig

This month is graduation month… graduation you say? Yes, graduation! This month may be the opening of the new school year but this is graduation month for our town. We are celebrating the launch of our very first public schools! Lance Thompson Elementary and Argyle West Elementary representing Northwest and Argyle ISDs respectively opened in the last few weeks.

Two brand new, architecturally beautiful buildings, complete with state-of-the art technology, sparkling kitchens, project space, an open look and feel, awesome amenities and, of course, top notch security. Both are the latest prototypes for each ISD and boast the best of everything the districts have to offer.

While it may seem strange to have two schools so close together, having the town split between jurisdictions is actually a great benefit. We have choice! Our residents can choose to live in either jurisdiction and still live in Northlake. Rural or suburban, neighborhood or farm, Northlake has it all to offer.

And while the new schools are keeping everyone from the staff, students, parents and town busy, we are also wrapping up another important season. The end of summer is town budget season and this year’s budget and tax discussions are wrapping up in the next few weeks.

Council is considering the need for up to eight new staff members for Northlake, reflecting the growth in services required for all the new residents and development we are experiencing. In addition, there are proposed investments in new roads, infrastructure, a new police building, vehicles, equipment and raises for staff to keep them in line with the market.

Thankfully, due to significant growth in new homes and businesses, ~95% of the revenue for all this is covered by new homes and commercial activity and not on existing homeowners. The proposed tax rate remains fixed at 29.5 cents, one of the lowest in all of DFW. If you don’t live in Northlake yet, you might want to plan a visit. We’ve got some great things going on…

CTG Staff
The Cross Timbers Gazette News Department

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