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Flower Mound seeks artists for traffic signal box public art project

Traffic Signal Box in North Richland Hills.

By Krissi Oden and Elizabeth Brannon

By the end of 2019, The Town of Flower Mound will invite artists to compete for the chance to display an original design on a traffic signal box within the Town. The traffic boxes can be seen throughout Flower Mound, and this project will enhance, enliven, and further beautify the town’s landscape. It will also provide an opportunity for local artists to display their work in a public space.

Initially, this project will seek three artist proposals to cover three traffic signal boxes. Each of the boxes is located at an intersection with a traffic light. In total, there are 20 boxes included within the scope of the proposed project. Flower Mound plans that this will be an annual contest in which 3-4 new works of art for traffic signal boxes will be chosen each year.

When the contest officially opens, we will be accepting proposals based on the themes “The Flowers of Flower Mound” and “Celebrating Cultures.” Artist proposals for the “Flowers of Flower Mound” theme can include any type of flower, and all ranges of styles are welcome. Proposals for “Celebrating Cultures” might include images of cultural specific celebrations or other significant imagery that encapsulate and reflect the unique beauty of the diverse cultures represented in Flower Mound.

Specifics will be provided before the contest opens, but the plan is for artists to submit a design that will be converted to a digitally-printed wrap. This means when the contest starts, we will only accept digital submissions. The names of the winners of the Traffic Signal Box Art Project will be engraved on a plaque that will hang in the Town Library, winners will receive a certificate, and an article will appear in local media.

The chosen artwork will be displayed on the traffic signal box for a period of at least two years. When it’s time to replace the wrap, new artwork will be chosen.

The Selection Process

The competition will be open to artists of all ages residing in Denton County, with preference given to Flower Mound residents. Artists may submit one design per category. Proposals will be screened for completeness and winners will be selected based upon appropriateness, creativity, craftsmanship and adherence to the theme.

Winning designs will remain on the assigned traffic signal box for a minimum of two years. Should damage occur to the box prior to that, the same design will be reinstalled. After two years, should the integrity of the wrap start to fade, damage to the box occur, or a new box be installed, a new design will be added to the box.

Information about how to submit original works of art for the Town of Flower Mound Traffic Signal Box Art Project will be made available prior to the contest opening.

The Signal Box Art Project is another opportunity for the Town of Flower Mound to embrace pubic art and provide enjoyment to the residents.

To see what North Richland Hills has done with their Signal Art Program, visit . The photo included with this article is one of the works of art that appear on a signal box in North Richland Hills.

Call Krissi Oden at 972-874-6000 if you have questions about this project.

The Town of Flower Mound Cultural Arts Commission is thrilled to be working with Krissi Oden, the new Community and Cultural Events Programs Coordinator for the Town of Flower Mound. The Town welcomed Krissi to the staff earlier this year and we’re all looking forward to her contributions to the arts.    

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