Just the Facts about Copper Canyon — July 2019

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Ron Robertson

In the last meeting dated June 10th, the council voted to replace the town attorney and the town engineer, as part of a fresh start the town needed. The council reappointed Valerie Pearson Cannady, as Deputy Mayor Pro-Tem and Bill Castleman as Mayor Pro-Tem. I want to thank them both for agreeing to serve in that capacity. We also created a true DRC “Development Review Committee” and just in time as on June 19th, that committee reviewed its first new development request.

The council approved the makeup of the Master Plan Committee, and will interview town planners soon. This group should be up and running full force by mid-July. I have asked Council Member Ted Stranczek to spearhead the road maintenance/storm water drainage committee, and as expected, Ted took this project on with full force. He has already formed a group and will start to review the town’s problem areas and prioritize the project.

Mayor Pro-Tem Bill Castleman will soon be meeting with the county on renegotiating with the Sheriff’s Department for patrol services. This one area is costing the town over $150,000 year, and that money could be allocated to repairing roads and drainage problems, along with other services for the town.

Council Member Steve Hill will continue to work with me and the Town Manager on the budget and keep me advised on the overall financial climate of Copper Canyon.

If you want to stay informed on your town and what is happening, please attend the next council meeting July 8th. Our team stands ready to have citizens involved in deciding what is best for Copper Canyon.

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  1. Avatar
    Steven Butler

    When will the minutes of the June 10th meeting be posted on the town website, e-mailed or otherwise distributed? Do we have to attend council meetings to stay involved and informed (as that is not always possible)? How were the members of Ted’s committee selected? When will the agenda for the July 8th meeting be posted?

  2. Avatar
    Steven Butler

    When are we going to be “more communicative” with residents? What if we can’t “attend the next council meeting”? Is that the only way we will be informed? When will the minutes of the June council meeting be posted on the town website, e-mailed or distributed otherwise? When will the agenda for the July 8th meeting be posted? How were the members selected for Ted’s group? FInding it kind of hard to stay informed.

    1. Avatar
      Aaron Maestas

      Hi Steven – historically, the agenda is posted to the town website the Friday before the Monday Council meeting. I believe that is also when the minutes from prior meeting are posted. I went to the June meeting and council discussed posting council meeting agendas sooner but still working on details as it moves several administrative time lines up to achieve that.

      I’m not certain Ted has a committee for roads. Valerie and Robin are assisting with the master plan committee and along with council representation, p&z representation (I believe), town residents (asked by each council member) will be volunteering to support those efforts. Hope this helps.

      Also the town 4th of July parade is next Thursday. Additional details are posted on FB and Next Door. Hope to see you there.


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