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Pastor’s Place: He Is Risen!

Benjamin Lee, Evangelist, West Main Church of Christ

By Benjamin Lee, Evangelist, West Main Church of Christ

What makes the resurrection of Jesus so unique? Here’s why I’m asking. When you study the Bible, you will find that a lot of people like Lazarus and Tabitha were raised from the dead, John 11:43-45; Acts 9:40. There are other examples as well.

Jesus was also raised from the grave, John 20:1-7. But what made His resurrection so unique? Here are some reasons to consider.

First, Jesus predicted His death and resurrection, John 2:19-22.

People can make claims of what will happen, but claims have to be backed up. That’s what Jesus did, John 10:17-18.

Second, the Old Testament prophets predicted the resurrection of Jesus, but none of the others I mentioned earlier, Acts 2:25-28.   

Third, Jesus rose from the grave never to die again.

While others were resurrected, they eventually died again. Yet Jesus rose to life and eventually ascended into heaven never to die again, Romans 6:9.

Fourth, the resurrection declared Jesus to be the Son of God.

It pointed to His divine nature, Romans 1:4.

So, what should this information mean to you? It should mean everything, 1 Corinthians 15:1-3. The resurrection of Jesus should change our lives.  His resurrection changed lives in the first century, Acts 19:17-19. Big homes, fancy cars, nice phones, or a big social media following is not what ultimately matters in life. What really matters is that Jesus died, was buried, and rose again on the third day. What really matters is that we will die and be raised one day and stand before God, Acts 17:30-31.

Dead people don’t come back to life. The few cases we have of it are amazing. The resurrection of Jesus is even more amazing. He is risen!


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