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Argyle student helps Pat Green produce high school football song

Campbell Wilmot

Argyle resident and Ticket radio personality George Dunham collaborated with Texas singer/songwriter Pat Green on a new song that pays homage to high school football.

The duo had some help from an Argyle High School student.

Campbell Wilmot, a junior who serves as Managing Editor & Social Media Editor for The Talon News, the Argyle student newspaper, was asked last fall by Dunham to get footage of every football game to be used for an end-of-season overview video for the school’s annual banquet.

“I spoke to Mr. Dunham at one of the games about their new song,” Wilmot said. “Afterwards, he then contacted me and asked if I would be willing to produce a music video for the song that he and Mr. Green co-wrote and would then air on Mike Doocy’s Fox 4 ‘Free-4-All.’”

The song in question is called Til the Last Whistle Blows,’ co-written by Green and Dunham of 1310 The Ticket Sports Radio, Morning Musers, which centers around Texan’s infatuation with the sport of high school football.

During an interview on KFWR-FM 95.9 “The Ranch,” Green said: “To me it’s kind of like the anthem for rural Texas and football and people that love football, and understanding the camaraderie that comes with being a teammate and standing in a weight-room working out with your friends.”

Dunham said he agreed to co-write the song, after he was approached by Green himself, who was going to use the song for a movie called, “The Last Whistle.”

The local radio personality said it truly was a collaborative effort.

“I wrote to my experiences in watching my sons play at Argyle High School,” Dunham said. “That part of the song wrote itself.  The melody took a bit more work and fine tuning from Pat and his band. We had a great writing session at Pat’s house in Fort Worth and finished the song. Pat invited me down to Austin to watch his band record it at The Arlyn Studios in October. The song turned out great, his band did a beautiful job on it. Campbell’s work on the video was incredible.”

Wilmot, 16, said it took her one weekend, which she did following the Eagles victory over China Springs in the area round of the playoffs over the Thanksgiving weekend; and, it was definitely a labor of love.

“I enjoyed having the opportunity to produce something like this– for not only Mr. Dunham and Mr. Green– but, also Argyle as a whole,” Wilmot said. “I have been living in Argyle since I was only one-year-old and high school football has always been a part of my life. I was happy to produce something as meaningful for the town, as it was to me.”

After gathering the necessary footage, Wilmot said it took her about seven-hours to complete. She said the final product made all her hard work worthwhile.

“I was very happy with the way the music video turned out in the end,” Wilmot said. “I was also very happy to be able to use the incredible ‘Til the Last Whistle Blows’ song for the video. They did an awesome job of creating something that was so heartfelt and meaningful to everyone.”

One person for whom the video was especially meaningful was Argyle football coach Todd Rodgers, who said that having his team featured so prominently in ‘Til the Last Whistle Blows,’ was flattering to him and his players.

“We appreciated the opportunity to have video footage of our program selected and used in the video of Pat Greene’s new song about Friday night football,” Rodgers said. “We have several country music enthusiasts on our team and so they are naturally excited about the experience.”

Wilmot said the project meant a lot to her for a couple of reasons

“The opportunity to be able to create this music video was incredible,” she said. “This summer, I actually saw Pat Green live at the North Texas Fair and Rodeo. It was surreal to me to be able to produce something for an artist that I have on my daily playlist. I was thrilled to make something that also featured my school’s team. It meant a great deal to me that a video for a song like this could feature my home town and team.”

She added that the reality of the situation has still not quite set in.

Dunham said that he, too, was thrilled to be a part of the project, He said that the song and video truly encapsulate the Argyle High School football experience.

“I heard from so many people in town that had an emotional reaction seeing their son on the highlights,” Dunham said. “Some of these parents had kids that graduated years ago. The video has such a wonderful feel to it. It really gives you a sense of what Friday night is like in Argyle, Texas.”

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