Helping others is Lowry’s passion

Charleigh Lowry

Charleigh Lowry enjoys helping others.

At Argyle High School, she serves as editor of the school’s yearbook and is a member of student council, the National Honor Society and the Circle of Friends– an organization that supports students with special needs.

Lowry views these activities as small blessings in her life.

“There are so many great opportunities to help and serve others in our community and school,” Lowry said. “And, all the while I get to be with my friends and make new ones.”

Lowry, 17, is also a member of the Challenge Day Club and Senior Leadership at Argyle High School, and is ranked 18th in her class of 208 students. She also competes in UIL Academics.

The senior said she hopes she leaves a legacy of kindness at Argyle High School that will long outlive her tenure there.

“I hope I will be remembered as someone who always wanted to help other people any and every time that I could,” Lowry said.

Outside of school, Lowry has a more adventurous side, which allowed her to do something that turned out to be one of the most rewarding episodes of her young life.

“Probably the most interesting thing I’ve ever done is paragliding off the top of a mountain in Jackson Hole, Wyoming,” Lowry said. “It helped me face my fears and be more open to trying different things.”

She said the town of Argyle and Argyle High School have touched her in a way that has affected her deeply.

“All three of my older siblings graduated from Argyle High School and I’ve lived here since I was three-years-old,” Lowry said. “So, this is the place I call home. I know just about everyone that lives in this small town and I love the sense of family and community here in Argyle.

“Living here for over 14 years has shown me what it’s like to be cared for by an entire community and I want to be able to give back in every way that I can.”

Lowry said she already knows what she would like to do for a career and why.

“I would like to be a pediatric oncology nurse when I am older, because I love being able to help people and comfort people when they need it most,” she said.

Lowry plans to attend Texas Christian University or the University of Oklahoma and study nursing.

Lowry’s Favorites

Favorite Subject: Biology

Person who most inspires you: My mom and dad

Favorite food: Pasta

Favorite Movie: How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days

Favorite TV Show: Friends

Book: The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks

Favorite Musical Group: Hillsong

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