Restoration of 3 Flower Mound park ponds now complete

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No fishing — even catch and release — will be allowed at the Rheudasil Park pond for at least a year, according to the town of Flower Mound.

A major dredging project to reduce odor and restore the natural bottom of three Flower Mound park ponds is now complete, but not everything will be back to normal for a while.

Pond dredging at Cortadera, Wilkerson, and Rheudasil Ponds has been completed, according to a town news release. Fish were recently restocked in Rheudasil Pong, including 300 largemouth bass, 300 channel catfish and 3,300 Coppernose Bluegill.

However, to give the fish time to grow, fishing is prohibited –even catch and release — for at least one year.

“We’ve got to give them some time to multiply,” said Park Development Manager Kari Biddix in a video the town posted on social media on Thursday.

In addition to dredging, Rheudasil Pond needed bank stabilization in order to keep the shoreline from eroding outward into the park, according to the town. Crews installed slope revetment material and sod around the entire pond, along with a retaining wall at the northern end of the pond where the bank was the steepest, which will also increase accessibility for residents using the shores for fishing or other activities.

The three ponds filled back up naturally, and quickly, during the rainy weather Flower Mound experienced this winter.

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