Sunday, September 26, 2021

Hanson: Lack of facilities challenges water supplier

by Lloyd Hanson, General Manager, Cross Timbers Water Supply Corporation

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), National Weather Service, state water regulators, and local weather forecasters are predicting extremely dry conditions beginning this spring and progressing through fall.

What does this mean for your water supplies this summer?

Since a severe drought in 2011, Cross Timbers Water has added 10% to its Membership. In 2017, every Member consumed an average of nearly 15,000 gallons per month. Total water consumed by the Membership was 411.5 million gallons. With that much water consumed in a “normal year”, history says we can expect a 25% – 30% increase in water consumed during a drought year.

Despite growing demand and diminishing supply, Cross Timbers is positioned to serve its Members in the coming year, although significant challenges persist. The most pressing concern is that our current elevated water tank across from the Sonic Drive-In on FM 407 is stretched beyond its limits.

Incompletion of a second elevated tank (currently being held up in litigation by a small number of Bartonville residents), is hindering water capacity for firefighting. Demand for water for household use and irrigation often causes us to dip into the fire reserve capacity in the current elevated tank. The result is a shortage of water capacity for fighting fires.

As we have seen recently, grass fires can start at any time and threaten homes and businesses.

Cross Timbers Water has water supplies from seven wells that we own and from the Upper Trinity Regional Water District (primarily Lake Lewisville water). This gives us an ample water supply to meet domestic (non-firefighting) water needs through the predicted drought conditions.

With demand for water growing in this coming year and a drought, Cross Timbers Water is prepared to meet looming challenges. However, until the second elevated water tank is completed, water capacity to meet firefighting purposes remains our biggest challenge.

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