LETTER: Stop the drama

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Look at social media or talk to friends and neighbors and you’ll find many Flower Mound residents that beg for the negative election drama to stop. Each one of us has the power to stop the negativity by being for the candidates we are supporting instead of against their opponents.

So here is what I am voting for in this year’s Flower Mound Election:

  • Honesty
  • Integrity
  • Respect for all residents and Town Staff
  • History of Service to Flower Mound
  • Balanced, open approach to proposed development

The candidates that have demonstrated these qualities consistently this election season and through their years of service to Flower Mound are Jason Webb, Kevin Bryant, and Claudio Forest.

Election day is this Saturday May 6, 2017. If you live east of FM 2499, you vote at the Police and Courts Building at 4150 Kirkpatrick Ln. If you live west of FM 2499, you vote at the FM Library at 3030 Broadmoor Ln. Polls are open from 7 a.m. – 7 p.m.

Amy Wallace
Flower Mound, TX

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  1. Avatar
    Chris Thompson

    What have Jason Webb, Claudio Forest or Kevin Bryant done this election season that lacked integrity, I missed it?

    1. Avatar

      And it’s crickets. I’ve really only seen one candidate that has a problem with his integrity. Others I disagree with their policies so I won’t vote for them. What I will agree with is Bryan Webb, who’s not running, needs to get control of his temper. He might have cause to dislike another council member but the high road is always the best road.

    2. Avatar

      That is easy. We have a sitting Council Member, one of the two you list, who used hidden Facebook profiles to bully Town residents. We have two council members who have sat on their hands and keep their mouths shut, while Bryan Webb, drops F-bombs at Town Council meetings, bullies residents, and acts like the complete jerk he is. Also, the two Council Members you name above, participate in numerous on-line Facebook groups, that attack Town residents, with differing points of view, and don’t do anything to stop the hate, stop the drama, or stop the bullying. They are worse then Bryan Webb, because we all know Bryan Webb is who is he. A bully, and a crass human being. The two Council Member you list above, allow Bryan and other bullies to be bullies and that is even worse. Glad to see Councilmen Bryant at Church this past Sunday. Must be election season for him show up. Mr Forest is a nice person. If you want someone who always voted for apartments, then fine vote away. Be he too is in the same groups on Facebook, Same clubs in Town. He too stands by and lets bullies be bullies. Not a Man amongst them willing to stand up for the citizens of this Town and that is shameful.

  2. Avatar

    The Town Council is an embarrassment. They act like spoiled children with bad manners. They bully Town Residents, name call using fake Facebook profiles, and congregate in certain worthless Flower Mound Facebook groups to put down anyone with an opposing view point and to make fun of others. We would not allow this behavior from our teenagers but for some reason we allow it from Town Council. Throw all the bums out! We need a new code of ethics for those on Town Council. Throw the bums out!

    1. Avatar

      My sentiments exactly. My vote was more about breaking up the cronies than anything else.

      1. Avatar

        I voted to add new voices and diversity onto Town Council. Nothing can be worse then what we have right now! NOTHING!!!

  3. Avatar

    Regardless of who you support, NONE of the candidates have acted with integrity this election. They all focus so much on trying to get people to believe bad things about their opponents rather than what they stand for. It’s not just this election. It’s politics in this town overall and everyone needs to grow up.

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