In 2017, Practice Makes Permanent

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Randy Hall, Director of Job Training & Safety, CoServ

by Randy Hall, Director of Job Training & Safety, CoServ

We’re all familiar with the phrase “practice makes perfect.” But what if we’re practicing something the wrong way?

When it comes to safety in your workplace or home, you can’t take any chances. This is why one of our New Year’s resolutions should be to re-learn this phrase as “practice makes permanent.”

A strong culture of safety starts with leadership. A leader’s beliefs and actions shape the organization’s culture. If leaders continuously make decisions based on what’s best for the team, then the culture of team members will become the same, because this is what is expected.

Conversely, if leaders make decisions based on their own needs, then this also becomes the expectation and creates a culture of selfishness that leads to stress and disappointment.

Creating a strong safety culture is not rocket science. In fact, it starts with a simple sentence: Do the right thing even when others aren’t watching.

Say you walk into your office and notice the floor mat has curled up. You straighten it out to avoid someone from tripping. Congratulations – this small act, prompted by your common sense and expectations, have established a safety culture.

And if a colleague saw what you did, they now know what is expected of them, too. If you had chosen to walk past the mat, it would have had the opposite effect on your colleagues. You basically would be giving them permission to ignore an obvious hazard.

The same principle applies at home. In 2017, encourage your co-workers and family to be safe and have them remind you to be safe. When it comes to safety, everyone is a leader. So practice being a good one, because (drumroll, please) … practice makes permanent!

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