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Foodie Friday at the Texas State Fair

Believe it or not, before we took our team field trip to the State Fair this week, it had been over 20 years since I had been there! Which is quite the amazing feat considering the State Fair happens to be one of my wife’s all-time favorite activities.



We had a blast exploring the Fair this week as a team – visiting some of the exhibits and, of course, trying out lots of delicious food. Here’s just a sampling of some of the things we did while we were there…

The day we went turned out to be the perfect day. Not at all crowded. Perfect weather.

We decided to be authentic Dallas-ites and take the DART Train down to the Fair so that we didn’t have to deal with parking, navigating to and from the car, etc. It was fantastic! It took us almost an hour to get there, but we got to see some cool sites on the way down there and the train dropped us off right at the Fair entrance. If you’re going on a weekend especially, the train might be a great way to go. Here’s a link to DART’s train schedules in case you decide public transportation is the way you want to go.

As soon as we got through the entrance, we immediately started on the hunt for Fletcher’s corn dogs. We found ours across from the Pan Am Arena, but there are several more locations throughout the Fair. And let me tell you something – these corn dogs do not disappoint! They are the real deal and I now understand why everyone insists you must get a FLETCHER’S corn dog.


While we in that area, we also sampled a few other tasty treats including: Chicken Fried Bacon, Fried Jell-O, and a Funnel Cake. The Chicken Fried Bacon had a delicious, peppery breading and is an excellent choice for all you bacon-lovers out there. The Fried Jell-O is kind of like a jelly-filled donut and also happens to be the 2016 Big Tex Choice Winner for Best Taste. And the Funnel Cake… well, that’s just a classic.


We then moved on over towards the Midway where Nina and I tried our hand at one of the games… and lost. Shocking. But we did get a prize!


After working hard at trying to win the game, it was obviously time for some more sustenance so we made a pit stop for a turkey leg and some fried green tomatoes. I’ll be honest, the fried green tomatoes were probably the best thing we ate while we were there. The tomatoes still had a good crunch to them, the breading was delicious, and dipped in the side of Ranch (everything goes well with Ranch, right?) these were truly delectable!


My wife Stacy was most excited about this next part of Fair adventure – the Butterfly Gardens inside the Texas Discovery Gardens. During the Fair admission is half-off and it’s completely worth it to see all the beautiful plants and butterflies. In fact, all of the Fairground’s year-round museums and exhibits offer reduced rates during the Fair, so if you’ve always wanted to check them out, now is a great time to do so!

By the time we wrapped up at the Texas Discovery Gardens, it was time for us to jump on the train and head back to Flower Mound. However, on our way out, we saw someone carrying a large pineapple drink and had to pull over real quick for some fresh watermelon juice and a Pina Colada served in a fresh pineapple. After a warm day of walking around the Fair, these were the perfect treats to cool us down.


There’s still plenty of time left for you to get yourself to the Fair before it ends on October 23rd. Keep in mind that there are some discounts you can take advantage of – here’s a link where you can find all of those.


If you want to know what the 2016 Big Tex Choice Awards finalists and winners were, click here. And if you’re interested in the schedule for each day of the Fair, click here.

Good luck to all of you heading out tomorrow for the Texas-OU game – have fun and be safe!

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