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Senior has heart for Native Americans

Megan Dole
Megan Dole

Megan Dole believes in fairness and equality.

The Coram Deo senior is a member of the volleyball team, serves as Secretary of the senior class, Vice President of the National Art Honor Society, works two part time jobs and is involved in community service.

She also has a great passion for social justice.

“I’ve been working at school and Bahama Bucks about trying to have a benefit for one of our causes,” Dole said. “I want to raise awareness for Native American water projects. In 11th grade, we had a rhetoric class where we began a social justice project, and I chose discrimination against Native Americans.”

Dole said that this is an important issue for her because she is part Native American and thought, because of that fact, she would be more aware and sensitive to such issues.

“Once I got into it, I realized I really didn’t know a lot about this stuff,” Dole said. “Everything that I learned really impassioned me even further about that.”

Dole said she really enjoys being involved because it allows her to practice what she believes is important in life.

“I really enjoy using all of these privileges and opportunities that have been given to me and helping others,” Dole said. “Serving others is something I’m really passionate about. As a Christian, my ultimate goal is to glorify God in everything that I do. So I feel that this is the best way for me to do that is by helping others.”

Dole said that she believes the best part of being young today is all of the resources to which she has access.

“Especially in Flower Mound, we have a lot of opportunities to do the things we want,” Dole said. “Like at Coram Deo, it is a great community with great teachers and all of my friends are there, and there are so many opportunities. If you want to get a job, you can. You can go to college and major in anything that speaks to you. We just have the freedom to choose what we want to do.”

Dole will attend Texas A&M University in the fall and plans to study biomedical sciences.

Dole’s Favorites
Favorite subject: Physics
Person who most inspires her: Parents
Favorite Food: Chocolate covered strawberries
Favorite Movie: The Princess Diaries
Favorite TV Show: Friends
Book Currently Reading: A Long Obedience in the Same Direction
Favorite Type of Music: Classical

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