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Argyle Police Blotter

argyle police logo croppedThe following is a summary of incident reports recently made to the Argyle Police Department as compiled by the staff of The CTG:

An animal complaint came in about a neighbor’s dog barking in the Myers Rd. area. The caller claimed to “have had it,” because the dog has been barking for three years.

A man at a gas station on Hwy 377 was cleaning the inside of his truck one afternoon when a white male wearing a white shirt, blue jeans and a baseball cap approached him with a knife and took $10. The victim reported the theft the following day, because the thief with a “redneck accent” told him not to call the cops.

A call came in reporting a Hispanic construction worker running around waving his arms as he was being attacked by a swarm of bees or wasps near Fuzzy’s Taco Shop on Hwy 377. The man was transported to the hospital for an allergic reaction.

In the early hour of 1:10 a.m., a motorist reported that another driver was weaving around on I-35W; he appeared fatigued, because he seems to jerk awake when his car hit the rumble-strips on the shoulder. The driver crossed into the Flower Mound jurisdiction.

Someone called about a missing horse from the area of 900 Stonecrest Rd. It was reported that the gate was open but the other horses were still there.

An officer responded to a disturbance call between neighbors. It began when a woman and her employee were trimming branches on her side of the fence and the neighbor approached them, “cursed at him [the employee] and threatened to sue if her horses were injured.” The woman showed the officer the areas being cut, which were all on her side of the property. The officer spoke to both parties and said that the fence is not shared property and there is an easement of approximately four-feet beyond the fence. Both were advised to contact Town Hall the next day to solve the matter.

The owner of a 2014 Jaguar reported her windshield was struck by a rock thrown from a mower in the 800 block of E FM 407. She was advised that it was a civil, rather than criminal, matter.

A noise complaint was received in the area of Rolling Acres Dr. and S. Gibbons Rd. The caller said a very loud party behind her home is making her animals “go crazy” in her barn, she doesn’t think the adults are home and she can see strobe lights. Arriving at the home, the officer was told that a friend of the owner had just opened a DJ sound business and was testing the equipment. Advised to stop, the owner complied.

On Oct. 6, three reports of a utility bill phone scam were reported. A person representing himself as a debt collector for the Argyle Water Supply Corporation attempted to collect money from past due water bills via MoneyGram.

A report of a homeless man squatting near Fuzzy’s Taco Shop, 421 Hwy 377, came in on Oct. 6. The following day, two officers spoke with the subject and informed him that the owner wanted him off of the property. The man initially gave the wrong name and date of birth. After further investigation, his real name and birth date were determined. He had a warrant out of Hurst and a lengthy criminal history. He was instructed to leave the property, which he did without any issues.

An officer observed a vehicle driving on the shoulder in the 300 block of Hwy 377 and the driver appeared to have her head slumped over the wheel. He stopped the driver– an elderly female who was lost. She was driving on the shoulder to allow other vehicles to pass her. All was OK and the officer helped her to find her destination.

A loose goat was reported near Hwy 377 and Frenchtown Rd.

A call of an animal bite attack in the 200 block of Shenandoah Ct. was received. The bite victim was called earlier to re-deliver a newspaper with directions to hand-deliver it or place it on the front porch; he believes he was “set up.” The bite was on the ankle and no puncture wound was evident. The property had a “dog on property” sign and an electric fence for the dogs. An Animal Control Officer helped remove the dog from the area.

Police took a report that a horse had been shot by an unknown person at Fossil Gate Farms.

A theft report was called in from the 300 block of Redbud St. Two people were pulling lumber and other materials from a new residential construction site. A neighbor was returning from soccer practice and saw the woman and man making a pile of materials. When the officer arrived, the suspects stated they had permission from the homeowner to use scrap materials for a clubhouse for a three-year old. However, they didn’t know the homeowner’s information.

A suspicious person call came in one evening concerning a business in the 300 block of Hwy 377. It turned out to be someone repairing the plumbing. The plumber stated he prefers to do the work at night when it doesn’t affect the business.

That same night, a woman called to report a prowler. She said that she heard something on her porch, as did the family dog. She said her husband was out-of-town and she was in her bedroom with the door locked with her dog, a wooden golf club and that there was a weapon in the house, but she didn’t know how to use it. The responding officer checked the property and discovered a family of raccoons.

CTG Staff
CTG Staff
The Cross Timbers Gazette News Department

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