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Young mentor says community matters

Claire Betzhold
Claire Betzhold

Claire Betzhold has accomplished a lot in her time at Argyle High School.

A member of the state champion girls’ basketball team, Betzhold was also on the UIL State Accounting Team, she mentors young children and was one of the top students in her graduating class.

“I just like to help others and really want everyone to have the best experience they can going to middle school or high school,” Betzhold said.

“I just really enjoy the community and being able to interact with people and making friends within each organization that I am a part of.”

Betzhold is also a member of an organization called TACO (Teenagers Affirming Classmates Outreach) Tuesday, which works to make all students feel included in the school community.

If the Argyle teen said there is one thing she does not like about being a student these days, it would be the high expectations she and her peers have for each other.

“I think it is all of the social pressures that people are under,” she said. “It’s like you have to be the best in everything that you do, or people judging you for the way you dress or unique things you have about you.”

The recent graduate is also a wildlife leader and small group leader for middle school students at her church, while also holding down a part time job.

She was ranked 16th in her graduating class with a 103.6 GPA and is headed to the University of Oklahoma in the fall where she plans to study accounting.

Betzhold said of all the things she has learned from her time at Argyle, one important lesson sticks out above the rest that she will carry with as she moves forward in life.

“I think that I will take away the importance of community and helping others,” Betzhold said. “Everyone has to work together to have the best community possible.”

Betzhold’s Favorites
Favorite Athlete: Josh Hamilton
Favorite Sports Team: Texas Rangers
Favorite Subject: Math
Favorite Food: Mexican Food
Favorite Movie: The Sound of Music
Favorite TV Show: Once Upon a Time
Book Currently Reading: The Heir
Favorite Musical Group or Performer: Taylor Swift

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