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Argyle police blotter

The following is a summary of incident reports recently made to the Argyle Police Department as compiled by the staff of the CTG:

On a couple occasions, Argyle residents noticed newspaper delivery workers running stop signs in town. One man told police that the driver of a small blue car blows through stop signs around 4-5 a.m. and it has happened before.

Two dark brown donkeys were spotted in the roadway near E. FM 407 and Bains Court. The donkeys then began to run eastbound on the side of the road
before their owner was able to catch them.

A resident called to ask what to do with junk mail that she was receiving that does not belong to her. Apparently, the mail was addressed to her, but said “deceased” on it. Police advised the woman to contact the sender and ask them to stop sending her incorrect junk mail.

A motorist stopped to ask a police officer for directions to the donut shop.

Police received a call from a concerned citizen who reported that a cow was stuck in a pond in the 600 block of Old Justin Road and it was possibly drowning. The caller had driven around the area three times to check on the cow, which had been unable to get out. When police arrived, no cows were stuck in the pond but a cow was spotted near the pond.

A man called to report an ongoing problem with horses tearing up his property. According to him, several horses came to his home the previous night and destroyed his property. Hoof prints 8-10 inches deep were seen on the property, and the caller stated that the horses had gone into his garden.

A cow was spotted laying on the right hand side of northbound I-35E between mile markers 78 and 79. The caller said it looked like something was wrong with the cow, which was laying down on the gravel. No word on if the cow was just playing possum.

A woman stopped to speak to a police officer about roadkill concerns.

Four brown dogs blocked traffic for a time in the 100 block of E. FM 407. The quartet apparently were walking eastbound in the road until an officer lost sight of them behind the Church of Christ in that area. A report came in later the same evening of four brown dogs running in the roadway without their collars on.

A man pulled into the Dry Creek Ranch apartment complex where he lives and said a woman he didn’t know started taking photographs of his car. He then said a man who was with her pointed a gun at him. When the caller notified police, he told the officer that he will “take care of [the gun holder] and hunt him down.” The man with the gun then went into an apartment. Later, the caller said the armed man banged on the caller’s door. The caller said he did not know the man, but that he was ringing the doorbell non-stop. Apparently, the armed man was trying to open the door, then standing at the patio door and shining what appeared to be a laser into the apartment. The laser turned out to be from a gun. The caller said that he and his family were hiding in the main room of their apartment away from the front door. Officers responded to the scene but did not locate the armed man.

A man called police to report that another man at his place of employment was sexually harassing the caller’s brother. Apparently, the co-worker would not stop, and that the boss has done nothing to stop the alleged harassment. The caller said the co-worker threatened his brother and his family if a police report is made. He also threatened to go to the victim’s house and assault his mother.

A woman called because she had just gotten a dog and her parent’s didn’t want to deal with it. The caller’s mother apparently threatened to shoot the German Shepherd mix if the caller did not get rid of him. Officers referred the caller to the animal control officer.

Police received a “pocket dial” call from a female student at a private high school. No one responded to the dispatcher but the sound of buttons being punched could be heard. Eventually, the student became aware of what happened and advised the dispatcher that the call was accidental.

A bus driver taking students to a sports event at Argyle High School was spotted allegedly blowing through a red light at FM 2499 and Waketon Road in Flower Mound while an ambulance was going through the intersection. The driver, who was the coach of the team, then allegedly ran through a yellow light at FM 2499 and Dixon. He said he was unaware of his actions and that they were unintentional.

A man apparently got locked inside a restroom at the Country Lakes pool. The man was unable to get the door unlocked from the inside and the caller said they did not have a key to the door’s deadbolt. It didn’t appear that the entrapped man was having a medical incident, but the caller didn’t know how long he had been in there. The fire department was able to cut through the lock and release the man who was inside the restroom at least 30 minutes.

CTG Staff
CTG Staff
The Cross Timbers Gazette News Department

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