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Argyle Police Blotter

argyle_pd_patch-cropThe following is a summary of incident reports recently made to the Argyle Police Department as compiled by the staff of the CTG:

A homeless man from Denton decided he wanted to make his new home in Argyle despite not having a residence. His arrival spurred countless calls to police as the man visited local businesses, slept on the concrete pavement outside, toured model homes while drinking from a jug and grabbing handfuls of candy, gestured and yelled at passersby on the roadways and went so far as to threaten people with a mop inside of an Argyle restaurant. No word on whether he has re-thought his decision. The following is an account of the numerous calls Argyle police handled:

* A suspicious person reported to police by several callers turned out to be a 57-year-old Denton resident who had walked to Argyle from Denton where he said he was relocating, though he did not yet have a home. One of the callers described him as an older man in a brown jacket directing traffics “as if it were an orchestra.” The officer asked the man to stop waving at vehicles and to stay out of neighborhoods.

* At a model home on River Meadows Lane, the man was viewing model homes in the neighborhood while carrying a jug and drinking out of it. The man nabbed a large amount of complimentary candy while on his tour and later became argumentative with the host. The caller told police he believed the man, described as being thin with gray hair, to be casing the neighborhood.

* The man was later spotted walking along the railroad tracks and was advised by police to stop. He was last seen walking back to Denton along Highway 377 where he told police he was going to help a friend.

* Another call came to police later when individuals reported the man was making gestures at passing cars from the side of the road on his way back to Denton.

* A business contacted police later concerned about the homeless man lurking around. In total, police received seven calls about the man who refused their offer of a ride back to Denton.

* Later that evening, the same man was seen at Highway 377 and Crawford Road throwing things at cars and yelling at people late one evening. Police later determined the man had mental issues and was the same person police had been dealing with on a number of other calls earlier in the day.

* The next day, business owners were calling police to have the homeless man escorted from their property after he was spotted lying on the concrete approach sleeping.

* Police were called yet again regarding a disturbance where the homeless man was holding a mop, threatening multiple people inside a restaurant.

A resident called police about a door-to-door salesman who was “very high pressure” while selling cleaning products in the 100 block of Pecan Acres Lane. The salesman was described as a tall man wearing a light t-shirt and khaki shorts.

A resident asked police to talk to the owner of a dog about keeping it out of the front yard of their home in the 300 block of Redbud Street.  The resident also asked police to talk to the owner about the dog charging at people. The call came after the dog started barking at a neighbor and then charged the caller. The resident said it has been an ongoing issue.

A sedan was swerving all over the road on I-35W, a caller informed police. The caller followed the vehicle from the 71 mile marker to the 81 mile marker, in constant contact with dispatch. The dispatcher told the caller to turn their hazard lights on as an officer tried to identify the vehicle. The officer made contact with the driver of the sedan, later indicating the driver was not intoxicated, just tired.

Police were called about suspicious activity at Fuzzy’s Taco Shop of Highway 377 and, upon their arrival, learned that employees had just gotten off work and had stopped to chat before heading home.

A resident in the 1600 block of FM 407 reported a man driving an older model truck with a freezer in back approached his home. The driver then banged on the resident’s front door. When the resident stepped outside, he saw the driver looking around the side of his home. When the driver saw the resident, he said “Just trying to make a living, boss,” and then jumped into his truck and sped off. The man was described as being under age 35 with a medium build and light brown hair.

An individual from the 300 block of Clear Cove told police a purse was stolen from their vehicle sometime during the day.

Police were called to a home on Frenchtown where family members were staying after the homeowner had recently passed away. An individual with the power of attorney told police he had given permission for family to stay at the residence and take some belongings. However, he believed individuals were taking more than what was approved and had seen a neighbor going through the house. Police told the executor of the estate that it was a civil matter, not a police matter.

Two older men were seen leaving a vacant house at Meandering Creek and Woodland Drive around 11 p.m., causing a neighbor concern. One was seen with a large board in his hands.

A neighbor decided to do some investigative work after calling police about a vehicle parked in front of a house on Forest Trail where the door was left wide open. The caller told dispatch, “I can’t read the other digit. I’ll be out investigating.”

A small black cow escaped a pasture, walking alongside I-35W. Argyle police worked with Denton police to nab the loose livestock.

Argyle police received several calls about people riding a mechanical bull in the middle of the street at Chisholm and Cherokee trails late one evening around 10:50 p.m. Callers complained about all of the yelling. Police later learned the mechanical horse was owned by a resident who teaches bronc riding and was giving two students a lesson. They soon put the horse away for the night.

CTG Staff
CTG Staff
The Cross Timbers Gazette News Department

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